MeritB2B is now Anteriad

Rob Sanchez

Rob Sanchez

Today marks an important day for the history of our company. We’re rebranding with a new name – Anteriad.

I couldn’t be more excited about the future of our company. The new name indicates, “getting in front” and represents our leading approach to B2B marketing. In everything we do, we are leaders, and strive to make our customers leaders, as well.

Getting ahead is not just about being the best in the moment, it’s about doing great things every day to set the stage for long term success. For us, Anteriad is the culmination of our own long-term success plan. Our new brand is the combination of our strategic acquisitions including True Influence and represents the fact that the full-funnel solution we can offer our customers is truly out in front.

Being a trailblazer for our customers is what drives us every day.  Every innovation, every new offering, is created to deliver the absolute best for our customers, from best-in-class data modeling and analytics, to robust ABM and demand gen technology. We can only win when our customers win.

Speaking of leadership, it’s no accident that we revealed our new brand at PowerB2B Growth Summit in Austin, TX. Our first significant event since 2019, meeting in person also marks a new exciting time in marketing. Joined by executives from B2B marketing powerhouses like SAP, Amazon and Microsoft, PowerB2B is a must-attend event for 2022.

I’m thrilled to host keynote speaker, Andrew Davis, a marketing and customer experience expert and author as well as industry analysts Katie Linford from Forrester and Michael Harrison from Winterberry group. I also want to thank the B2B marketing leaders taking the stage from companies including Kustomer, which was recently acquired by Meta, Infinite Electronics, The Channel Company, MTG2.U and Carrot Top.

Each of these speakers are marketing leaders, and the focus of the event is on best-in-class marketing to get out in front. This will not only drive our agenda on stage – our team will be on hand for those important discussions that happen in between where great ideas are sparked, and great plans for the future are made. If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll have lots of content to follow up with in the coming weeks so that you don’t miss any of it.

Our journey as Anteriad begins today, and the future is bright. #GetInFront

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