Not your parent’s marketing plan

As today’s B2B marketing environment requires companies to re-think their brand messaging, now is the time to fuel excitement into your campaigns. Gone are the days of simply promoting your brand through poorly targeted marketing activities and costly telemarketing campaigns – worse of all, operating in almost total isolation from one another.

Multi-channel, integrated marketing that’s conceptually tied together through brand supports the integration of traditional endeavors like direct mail and exhibitions with social media, mobile technology and email campaigns. The integrated approach ensures the consistent thread – your brand – keeps you front-of-mind when targeting increasingly savvy audiences.

All of which ties the classical approaches to marketing such as the clearly defined marketing process, with the availability of new insights and channels to drive maximum engagement.

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Several professionals with insight into the evolving marketing playing field took on the challenge of getting their brand to stand out from the thousands of options a potential customer has access to at the click of a button. Their creative energy, experience and determination helped elevate their organization’s image to unprecedented levels. This took integrating several aspects like research, customer behavioral habits, analytics, and testing.


The experts, who include marketing directors, CEOs and university professors, share their accomplishments, strategies and concerns into rethinking marketing campaigns that will produce significant brand interest.

These new approaches wouldn’t have been in your parents marketing plan. It is part of what makes today’s B2B marketing plan incredibly interested although it’s almost guaranteed – these new approaches probably won’t be in your kids’ marketing plan.

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