Take Time to Learn: 7 On-Demand Programmatic Marketing Events

If you’re interested in learning more about programmatic marketing, these seven on-demand events might help. To save your time and energy, we made a list of interesting on-demand programmatic marketing virtual events to expand your knowledge. You’ll see there are a number of good, programmatic marketing virtual events you might want to. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Try these on-demand programmatic marketing events

  1. Best Practices for Programmatic Audio: This virtual round table discussion points out how innovative programmatic strategies have an upper hand over traditional ad buys. As eMarketer reports, by 2021, US adults will spend 86.88 minutes a day on an average on digital audio. Audio campaigns enable marketers to extend reach and increase message frequency. 
  2. Introduction to Programmatic Advertising: The programmatic advertising landscape is transforming every day. B2B marketers use ever more innovative advertising strategies to grow audience reach, customer engagement and finally, conversion rates. This algorithm-based advertising technique has revolutionized the modern-day marketing domain. To know more, watch this webinar. 
  3. Programmatic Marketing – Demystifying Real-Time Advertising: MediaMath and the CMO Club hosted a webinar discussing how programmatic marketing works. Martech is constantly adding new words (and acronyms) to the dictionary, often confusing marketers. This webinar deals with the advantages of programmatic marketing and how you can overcome many challenges that are on the way. 
  4. Paid Media: Digital Ad Trends – Programmatic/OTT/RTB: This webinar discusses differences between programmatic and real-time bidding and other digital advertising topics. The digital marketing landscape is filled with buzzwords, and it’s important to stay current. Get creative with some of these programmatic marketing ideas and media plans as explained by experts. 
  5. Revolutionizing Your Online Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising: Programmatic marketing is the go-to destination for many online marketing and advertising needs. This webinar covers programmatic basics, benefits of targeting audiences, tips, best practices, use cases and how to get started. You can use artificial intelligence and machine learning while making sound marketing and advertising decisions for business growth. Download the webinar and become a pro! 
  6. Programmatic Advertising: How to Optimize for the Next Generation of Digital: The digital marketing landscape has become highly competitive and complex, with innumerable ad formats and data signals. Smart marketing strategies will keep you ahead in the game, and this webinar can be of immense help. eMarketer moderated a tech-talk webinar to discuss modern marketing tactics that marketers use to win at programmatic optimization. Watch the session to learn more about winning strategies, programmatic marketing optimization techniques and flexible technology. 
  7. The Key to Achieving Smarter Programmatic Marketing: Businesses worldwide use programmatic marketing to fuel growth and diversification. Marketers have realized the importance of intent data in optimizing online marketing strategies. 90% of digital ads are transmitted programmatically, indicating millions of ad spend in the near future. Marketers know this algorithm-based technique helps them retain relevance and sustainability in competitive market landscapes. In this webinar, learn how advertisers and marketers use data analytics and programmatic marketing as a revenue engine for business. 

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