Platform Integrations: True Influence Perspective

It’s been a busy two weeks for B2B marketers and those who provide them with products and services. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has swarmed first with the Oracle Eloqua user community and now with the Marketo equivalent. Platform differences aside, the two audiences are largely similar and are driving an important trend in the industry.

We’ve spoken previously about the data (40 billion Intent Signals™ and 30 million record B2B contacts) that power InsightBASE™. By making the InsightBASE platform available for use as a native application first within Eloqua and now within Marketo, True Influence has provided marketers yet another option: powering Fact-Based Account Marketing campaigns using either Marketo or Eloqua.

Fact-Based Account Marketing is the targeting of relevant individuals at accounts that are actively researching your product category anywhere on the web.

This new triggering intelligence has been added to both the Marketo and Eloqua marketing technology stacks at user conferences only two weeks apart – a rare and significant breakthrough.

While the use cases for these intent/contact insights include programmatic display and telephone outreach, the primary use case for the Eloqua and Marketo audiences has been enthusiastically confirmed – the automatic triggering of mid-funnel content to accounts that have just begun researching a future purchase.

While having lunch at the Marketo conference today, marketers at two competing financial services firms said to this writer, “Don’t tell her about that – only tell me!”  While the tone was humorous, the statement was based on the fact that InsightBASE intelligence is impactful and both of them wanted it for themselves.

This aligns with what we’ve thought all along – “what marketer wouldn’t want to know this?”

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