Prioritize B2B Prospects with Intent Monitoring

Don’t waste precious time and resources on accounts that aren’t in-market. Avoid that rookie mistake with intent monitoring. Studying intent signals helps B2B sellers more precisely source and prioritize the most promising accounts. 

Monitoring intent signals gives B2B sellers a better chance to catch target companies entering a buying cycle — or accelerating one. And you can react and get to closed business faster.

Intent Data. Intent Monitoring. Integrated Marketing

Who’s showing intent through online behaviors and choices? Monitor buyer behavior and topics to spot increased activity in relevant areas from target accounts. Trigger the MAP to send customized content to prospects there. Intent intelligence is the input you need to put that data to work now, and time is on your side — for now. Data works best when it’s fresh.

If you collect and score prospect behavior in a marketing automation platform (MAP), intent data gives you two advantages: 

  • First, in most cases, multiple individuals within an account researching solutions constitute stronger evidence that the organization intends to make a purchase, than a single individual showing interest.
  • Second, when you combine digital evidence from multiple research channels and media outlets, the case for inferring buying intent grows even stronger. It adds the sizzle to sales prospecting and to digital marketing automation like programmatic advertising.

Trigger Marketing Automation from Intent Monitoring Data

Intent data isn’t just about what’s happened; it’s also about what comes next. Let intent findings guide integrated marketing and automation to make your engagements more timely, effective and on target. Side benefit – less burdensome management.

A popular use of intent monitoring is to automate follow up and nurture, such as campaigns activated through a marketing cloud. Automated follow up uses are covered in the SiriusDecisions Research Brief: “Intent Data Monitoring for Sourcing and Prioritizing Accounts.”

Intent data is the fuel; intent monitoring, the eyes, and the marketing cloud is the machine. Take a holistic view of your data and activate it in that moment with these three ways:

  • Trigger delivery of digital assets, including by display advertising
  • Trigger delivery of content to prospects at target accounts from MAP database
  • Engage holistically and at scale with an ABM cloud

Know What B2B Buyers Do

B2B buyers aren’t one dimensional, yet too many campaigns go out based only on a title or role. Intent monitoring assembles many signals to create a multi-dimensional buyer view that is ready for activation, AI and automation. If you collect and score prospect behavior using marketing automation, intent data provides advantages. As the Research Brief puts it, “This matrix of information is the ultimate payoff of intent-driven integrated marketing.”

That simple shift from one dimensional to a fuller view leads to better outcomes for campaigns and customers. According to SirusDecisions, “Buyer behavior data has allowed organizations to focus their sales and lead development efforts on the prospects within the addressable market that exhibit interest in their solutions, often leading to dramatic improvements in sales efficiency.”

Spot the Individuals. Win the Buying Groups.

Intent monitoring technology associates the digital behavior of individuals within organizations across the digital channels where they conduct solutions. That’s a mouthful, but intent has quite a reach.

The multi-pronged, multichannel approach provides stronger evidence of organizational intent to buy, instead of relying on the behavior of any one individual within an account.

If you find evidence of a buying group at work, jump on it. Collective research behaviors of many individuals within a target organization are a more reliable indicator of that account’s purchase intent than the behavior of any one individual. Use intent data about accounts to target certain roles with relevant content for their journey point. 

The True Influence Marketing Cloud maps individuals exhibiting intent activity to buying group roles that we identify via our massive B2B contact database. 

B2B Prospects:  Search Behavior Reveals Intent Behavior

Have you ever struggled to find the most appropriate search terms and content for a particular audience? With search terms, web sites, content assets and other resources prospects are likely to touch, a top-down, intent-based approach identifies accounts displaying interest. Get it wrong, and intent signals from accounts become misleading or difficult to detect. 

Brands don’t always know the range of search terms and resources prospects will use when researching solutions. Moreover, when individuals search for particularly new concepts and solutions, they often struggle to find the most appropriate search terms and content. Misfires and false searches make their intent signals misleading or difficult to detect. Learn more in the SiriusDecisions Brief.

Narrow Your Scope. Filter the Data.

B2B marketing 101: Identify accounts within an addressable market that are most likely to buy. What happens when look-alike modeling results in a set of accounts still too large to address with sales resources?

Intent monitoring provides necessary prioritization to track subsets. Focus outbound marketing and sales on the groups of high-propensity targets exhibiting acute interest in relevant subjects. (Remember – use your words: topics, search terms and key phrases.)

Some B2B practitioners suggest finding expert partners with scalable technologies to gather and distill research across digital channels for actioning intent intelligence. It’s about knowing who’s in-market and what for. That gets you to the win-win. Remember, “This matrix of information – – is the ultimate payoff of intent-driven integrated marketing.”

The True Influence Relevance Engine uses analytics to filter billions of intent signals generated by multiple channels to identify and categorize online research activity. It’s done with the utmost respect for data privacy and integrity.

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Keeping Up with Digital Buyers

What do B2B marketers need in this era of accelerated digital transformation? Your buyers are certainly taking advantage of the online world at their fingertips. They have no reason to care if you’re keeping up with them. How do you earn a place on their radar? 

It always goes back to being useful, educational. Then the B2B prospects you’ve prioritized may do the same for you. 

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