Programmatic Marketing Connects Brands with Buyers Across Funnel

B2B buyers interact with many online sources in pursuit of answers, and programmatic marketing keeps brands in front of in-motion buyers. The intelligence behind programmatic lets marketers be specific with targeting and focus on segments based on behavior and other factors.

The marketing funnel is the collection of stages through which prospective customers move on their way to a purchase. It’s fair to say the modern marketing funnel is all about customer experience. Buyers have so many options, they can be more selective about the experiences they want. According to a Deloitte Digital report, 89% of marketers compete on the basis of customer experience. When you deliver what your buyer wants, even at the beginning of the journey, you build interest, loyalty and lifetime value. 

Programmatic intertwines brands with buyers across all the stages of the funnel, and if the modern funnel competes on customer experience, then programmatic advertising must satisfy. AI-driven programmatic based on intent data is very in tune with what targeted segments are after.

Intent Intelligence Targets Programmatic Marketing to B2B Audiences

Leads in different funnel stages need different approaches. A holistic, full funnel strategy starts with whom you are trying to target and what do they need at different points. With intent intelligence informing your programmatic planning, you learn about intent behavior at different points. For example, you wouldn’t push core products and offers to buyers showing behavior consistent with the awareness stage. Here, you offer education about the problem or solution the buyer is dealing with.

As leads convert, it signifies continued interest in a solution and purchase decision. Nurturing leads across the funnel builds information about your “real” customers, as intent data accumulates around them. This data is used to continually refine B2B programmatic advertising, even across multiple touchpoints. 

Consider the role of programmatic channels in the buyer journey. For instance, CTV and DOOH are typically effective for mass marketing at top-of-funnel or awareness stages. Programmatic display advertising with a prominent solution-oriented CTA fits better in the bottom of the funnel, where buyers are likely to be closer to purchase.

Learn about AI for Programmatic Marketers

The B2B marketing landscape has evolved dramatically, especially with digital transformation and pandemic as catalysts. Tech disruptions force modern marketers to reach, engage and convert differently but without losing any time. Cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) promise to impact business outcomes like never before. The Spring Summit on April 14 will keep you current.

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