Seven Steps to Maximize Intent Data Use in B2B

For most B2B organizations, it’s possible to leverage intent data in multiple ways. It starts with doing more than just subscribing to data. To make the best use of intent data, take the whole customer life cycle into account to look at various journey access points and analysis views. An intent partner who’s experienced in other services can be a good route to faster launches of new intent applications.

How to Get More Value from Intent Data

Follow these seven steps to maximize data use:

  1. Activate data for multiple use cases – Can you leverage the same data for ABM, remarketing/retargeting, paid social and display ads, event marketing, competitive intelligence, target account sales, churn reduction, and other purposes? A marketing cloud is one solution to help normalize and ready data for different purposes.
  2. Highlight data to the right people (and systems) – One of the biggest problems today is data overload. The value of certain intent data could be lost amid too much information. Share intent data thoughtfully via reports and alerts. Regularly notifying sales of target account activity and helping success teams with upsell suggestions are examples of getting intent data in front of the right people to help them do their jobs.
  3. Alignment and collaboration around data – Make efforts to align teams by proactively collaborating around data. One of the most overlooked benefits of working with data is that it breaks down silos and brings departments together. Sales teams can share insights from their interactions with customers with the marketing team to create better marketing strategies.
  4. Find C-suite support – Good data is a valuable asset that business leaders should care about. Getting C-suite support is critical for operationalizing intent data intelligence across marketing and sales. Having support from top leadership who view the full potential of data will ensure it’s adopted across processes with less resistance.
  5. Keep an eye on competitors – You can monitor if current customers as well as in-market buyers engage with competitors’ content.
  6. Setting the process is not enough – Intent data is a valuable asset, but it takes motivation to unleash its full potential. Intent intelligence activated and analyzed via a marketing cloud brings B2B sellers closer to their goals faster, especially when combined with the support of an involved intent partner.
  7. Stand out with unique messaging – Leveraging intent data helps with insights to draft messages to decision makers as per the stage of the buyer’s journey they are. Personalize your outreach message and grab your prospect’s attention. After all, we are doing business in the era of the attention economy.

Drive Marketing ROI with Intent Data

If you want better ROI on your digital marketing efforts, intent data is the key. It is the solution for your core digital marketing challenges. Want to grow your business? Discover the intent of your prospects today.

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