Snowflake Data Marketplace Partnership Proves Value of Intent Data to B2B Marketers

Ray Estevez, True Influence Chief Data Officer

True Influence helped define the intent data category more than a decade ago, and since then we’ve stayed at the forefront of B2B purchase intent monitoring. We constantly refine our Relevance Engine and Big Data analytics to sort through billions of intent signals and find patterns that indicate active purchase intent at the account, buying group and contact levels.

This intelligence is driven by data partnerships with respected B2B publishers and platforms. We also partner with leading firmographic and demographic data providers to enrich our B2B contact database. All this data sits at the heart of our demand generation services and the True Influence Marketing Cloud.

So, we believe in Big Data. We believe in working with the best data providers to build the most comprehensive, accurate picture of your active markets and prospects.

That’s why we are so excited about partnering with Snowflake as a B2B intent data provider for the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Intent on demand from data marketplace

True Influence now offers Snowflake customers the ability to purchase intent intelligence data at both the contact and domain level. With intent, marketers can more accurately size their active markets and reach prospects with messaging tailored to both their buying group role and purchase journey stage.

This data is offered on an a la carte basis to Snowflake customers, who can add it to the mix of both their own data and data from other providers hosting in the Snowflake cloud data platform. From there, they can use it for audience segmentation and other strategic applications that have made intent critical to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and other B2B revenue methodologies.

The emergence of Data-as-a-Service

Now’s probably a good time for a few more details about Snowflake and how it’s helping redefine how businesses use data. Snowflake’s main offering is a cloud data platform that promises greater scalability and agility than traditional relational databases. With this increased performance, Snowflake customers don’t need to build out data marts, which are spun-up segments of a master data warehouse usually devoted to transactional ops for a single line of business, such as sales.

The Snowflake cloud data warehouse can run analytics against the entire data store – that’s the idea behind Big Data in the first place, afterall – while connecting to operational systems, such as your CRM, for activation and specific transactional activity.

Cloud data platforms are central to the emerging Data-as-a-Service category, which many analysts predict will more than triple by 2025. This report overview from Research and Markets offers quite a few insights into this category, including the continued prevalence of structured data over unstructured data and how behavioral IoT data may well prove to be the main lever for Data-as-a-Service growth. The report’s overall conclusion: Most companies still don’t realize the power of referencing their own data with partnered and public information sources in real time, but that’s changing.

Snowflake is one of many cloud data platform providers that has launched a B2B data marketplace (not to be confused with a data mart) for its platform customers, where select partners offer data to augment customers’ information. This data is curated by the platform owner for quality and business relevance.

In our partnership, Snowflake marketplace customers can tap into True Influence intent data for market segmentation and other analytics. And as they come to understand its real value, they can elect to continue using us as a marketplace source or partner with us directly for contact augmentation and other data services.

The more data, the better

Any B2B seller who has adopted data-driven methodologies needs to be taking a serious look at data marketplaces.

There’s a lot of vendor-sourced information out there; I found this recent piece at Techerati to be a useful primer. It focuses largely on the data “mashup” apps, offering the example of a public utility bringing in social media posts to help it identify and prioritize outages.

The most powerful application of Data-as-a-Service is in real-time analytics based on enormous volumes of data. In B2B revenue ops, that data needs to include intent signals gathered from wherever your prospects research and evaluate purchases – not just on your proprietary sites and marketing emails.

You get the point: There’s so much data out there that you can’t possibly hope to capture and privately hold every piece of information that’s critical to your business. Or, as the Techerati piece puts it:

“To power DaaS, the way forward for companies must lie in building partner ecosystems to access a wide range of data and spark faster decision-making.”

Data marketplaces are great turnkey entry points for building out that partner ecosystem.

Data quality remains king

While I’m touting the virtues of Big Data, I don’t want to overlook the key point that, before you partner with any data provider, you have to be completely confident in the quality of the data they provide. Otherwise, you’re running powerful, real-time analytics against junk, and you won’t be happy with the results.

We take our partnership with Snowflake as an endorsement of our data quality and the power of our Big Data analytics that find purchase intent patterns and map them to domains and contacts.

I’ve previously discussed both these issues in some detail here on our blog, but to recap, let me say:

  • We source our data primarily from publishers and location / devices to determine a prospect’s topical interests and location. We also include Advertising Real Time Bidding (RTB) data as a layer for historical trend analysis.
  • We run this data through our proprietary True Influence Relevance Engine analytics to map these intent signals to our growing B2B taxonomy, which now encompasses more than 7,000 topics.
  • We also process these signals with our triangulated Identify Graph to correctly assign them to accounts and individuals who are generating the purchase research activity.
  • Lastly, we compare these intent signals to our extensive firmographic and demographic database to determine who’s genuinely in-market for your products and services.

It’s advanced data science, and we’re proud of it. Our intent signal monitoring technology is core to our business, and we also offer it as a direct data feed to customers through our IntentBase service.

Now we’re making it available to Snowflake data platform customers through a channel that’s easy to onboard and access. Snowflake marketplace customers can access the full 7,000 node taxonomy for segmentation and other applications in their data environment. We’re confident our intent will prove its value.

Privacy is a constant

Whenever you talk about sharing behavioral data, you have to address privacy. It’s a legitimate concern, both for individuals and the companies consuming the data.

In our Snowflake partnership, we provide a hashed email address and company information – not any clearly identifiable personal information. Snowflake customers can use this data for segmentation, but specific contact information is available only to companies who engage directly with True Influence through our demand gen and data augmentation services.

And, of course, Snowflake has its own privacy and data security policies.

Privacy is ensured by both partners in this relationship. It’s critical to our customers, and it is critical to us. We take it very seriously.

Data is our business, and business is good

Obviously, we are excited about our partnership with Snowflake to offer intent data in its data marketplace. As our CEO Brian Geiss said when we announced the deal, we think of it as not only an endorsement of our own business, but also of the proven value of purchase intent monitoring, a category we helped pioneer.

We also consider it a huge opportunity to gain exposure for our brand and demonstrate the power of our intent-driven demand gen services and True Influence Marketing Cloud. Once B2B sellers see how intent can elevate their data-driven operations, we’re confident they’ll want to adopt it as an essential part of their revenue operations.

Want to continue this exploration of intent? Try this popular blog: “7 Tips: Operationalize Intent Intelligence Across Marketing and Sales.”

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