Strategy, Data and Execution Help Gigamon Capture ICP Leads and Fuel ROI

Terry Arnold True Influence

Terry Arnold, Vice President, Sales Enablement

Successful ABM campaigns require marketers to engage with the full range of purchase decision-makers in their target accounts. For enterprise B2B sellers, particularly those with a clearly defined market, that often means finding new, qualified contacts in accounts that marketing and sales have already identified and targeted.

That was the challenge facing Gigamon, a leading network visibility and traffic monitoring company, as it looked to accelerate its revenue pipeline in Q4 2021. Gigamon’s core goal was to bring in net new names from key accounts that meet its well-defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – at an attractive price point and accelerate timeframe.

We’re learning a lot at True Influence after being acquired by MeritB2B in November. It is exciting to see all of these great capabilities, specifically this case study where Gigamon knocked it out of the park will help from MeritB2B.

Employing a multi-channel digital campaign that targeted both cookie audiences and qualified contacts from MeritB2B’s industry-leading ABM solution, Gigamon was able to ensure that 90% of net new names coming into its database were from ICP accounts, while simultaneously seeing an 80 percent decrease in CPL for those ideal customers.

(You can download a full case study about the campaign strategy and execution here.)

Obviously, this is the kind of story we love to tell here at True Influence, powered by MeritB2B. Gigamon got the leads it needed while optimizing its budget, with an eye toward dramatically improving ROI on closed business in the future. And we get further validation that the expertise, data, tech and execution we provide to our customers helps them realize the full potential of ABM.

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