Struggling to Attract Executive Level Prospects?

With so many disruptive, addictive technologies to aid you in data marketing, such as emails, mobile campaigns, social media strategies, and even brand specific apps that are available for every smart phone created, you are at risk of losing your prospects along the way. Your target customers are distracted like never before and, chances are, so are you. To become more efficient marketers, what can you do to ensure that leads don’t fall off in your multichannel approach?

Data Marketing Is About The Bait

Studies show that execs value Business Briefings (aka White Papers) more than case studies, product literature, articles from industry journalists, analyst reports, company websites, webcasts, blogs, online video and podcasts.

One thing is for sure: senior-most executives hate to be sold. They want to be in control and make their own decisions to buy. They view themselves as thought leaders and and love to have a “trusted advisor” (like you) nearby that they can count. So if you give away some of that proprietary, hard-earned insight in the form of a business briefing or ebook, you actually can propel yourself to a position of thought leader/trusted advisor and attract opportunity. This may seem counterintuitive but it works.

Take Advice From The Game Industry

Give your readers plenty of sample content before you ask them for their personal contact information for access. So many web sites ask for detailed information and lose valuable leads. Make this an interactive, engaging process that gives more value than you get and they will come in droves.

This idea comes from the video game market. Remember playing video game demos that provided you access to the first two levels? The same strategy can be applied to free business briefings. When your registration form finally appears, this is the prime opportunity to ask readers if they want to join your email opt-in list, in addition to receiving the briefing. Try it and you’ll see.

Key Tip: If you provide something of value to prospects, they will give you their respect, loyalty, time, and ultimately, their business. Data marketing, after all, is about gaining their trust so that you can have access to the data that will help you make better solutions for them.

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