Summit Panelist Brings Advocate’s View of Google and B2B AI

The upcoming True Influence Summit is about all things AI in B2B. One of our panels features AI savant, Laurence Moroney of Google. He joins John C. Havens, Executive Director of IEEE Global Initiative on AI Ethics, and Jaime Perena, Microsoft Director of Marketing & Strategy for Enterprise AI, to talk about “Practical Uses of AI in B2B.” We profiled Jaime Perena previously, and will spotlight John Havens as well. For now, read this article to learn why it’s a really good idea to register for the Summit and watch this panel

Panelist Offers View into AI and Machine Intelligence

How often would you say you use the Google search engine for professional or personal reasons? Whether it’s a few times a day or hundreds, for work or to quench your curiosity, Google has been a search engine icon for years. Their search engine has been deemed the best search engine in the world, according to numerous sources. And where there’s a search engine, there’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

For some time, Google has dominated many areas of artificial intelligence, but this monumental corporation prefers that their innovations be referred to as machine intelligence. The main reason is because Google is striving to create genuine intelligence (as opposed to artificial), but in machines. 

Eyes on AI: The Vision of an Artificial Intelligence Advocate

As progress continues to be made, Washingtonian Laurence Moroney is one seasoned professional in particular who has had much to offer. Laurence started at Google as an AI lead back in 2013. With additional responsibilities came the role of lead AI advocate. As a pillar of AI advocacy, Laurence promotes his vision of making AI easy for developers, while expanding access to machine-learning (ML) careers for everyone. 

One way Laurence has led AI advocacy at Google is as part of the Google Research Into Machine Intelligence team (RMI). In addition, he’s been involved with TensorFlow at Google. TensorFlow is essentially an open source platform for machine learning. It provides anyone with a computer and internet connection the ability to access one of the most powerful machine-learning platforms ever created. 

So far, over fifty of Google’s products have adopted TensorFlow for “deep learning” (machine learning that uses deep neural networks) as a tool. Laurence is an instructor and creator of the TensorFlow In Practice, TensorFlow Data, and deployment specializations on Coursera. Laurence also leads TensorFlow’s YouTube channel, as well as the TensorFlow certificate program for developers. 

Coding, Science Fiction and Coffee

Besides the innovative AI work Laurence has on his plate, he applies his plethora of skills and experience to publishing, too. He’s the author of more programming books than he can remember. One of his recent works was published in October of 2020, “AI and Machine Learning for Coders.” 

When Laurence isn’t working with technology or AI though, he immerses himself in science fiction. Besides being an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Laurence has authored multiple sci-fi novels, comic books, and even produced a screenplay, while maintaining his habit of conspicuous coffee consumption. 
If you’re interested in hearing more about Laurence Moroney and the AI experience at Google, sign up for True Influence’s April Summit today.

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