Take the Long View with B2B Content Experience

Content experience is the impression or feeling a prospect gets after an interaction with your digital content. The content buyers consume during their purchase journeys defines their content experience, and that relates to their overall experience of the brand. Content experience remains a priority for B2B marketers, as buyer experience has become a competitive advantage for all industries. 

Better content experiences enhance customer experience, so a strong content strategy is imperative. Build your plan for long-term relationships, not one-off encounters.

Three Keys to Content Experience

A great content experience is the result of a great content strategy. Take cues from intent data about prospect behavior. Note how users engage, and synchronize content with your business goals and user needs. A content strategy fulfills these three points:

  • Building great content assets
  • Placing them appropriately in the buyer journey
  • Aligning them with user needs and business goals

Gone are the days when a single content piece would drive the success of your marketing campaign. Instead, design a learning experience with well-placed content assets all through the customer journey. 

Customers want smooth, personalized experiences, and so do brands. According to Gartner Customer Experience strategy research, 81 percent of organizations look forward to competing on customer experience. Buyers want companies to understand their needs and expectations. Content is the centerpiece of this relationship and of every digital journey. It’s really the secret to making a prospect believe you are the right choice for them.

Putting Content Experience into Practice

Produce content strategically by keeping the needs of your audience as the topmost priority. Focus on three aspects for successful content practice:

  • Look at the bigger perspective rather than focusing on individual content pieces. Consider end-to-end user experience and optimize how users engage with your content.
  • Why are you creating a content piece, where will you place it, how and where will the reader find it? Answer these questions and orchestrate your content assets.
  • Keep user needs as your topmost priority and structure engagement across the whole journey.

Look beyond transactional content. Don’t just use content to drive marketing-qualified leads. Instead, broaden your perspective and take care of the whole buyer’s lifecycle. Sometimes the goal is simply to share valuable information with someone who needs it. In the long run, it all works out.

Why Content Experience Matters

In 2021, we all know that B2B buyers do a lot of digital legwork before speaking to a sales representative. That behavior makes it critical for organizations to provide on-demand content at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

High-performing content is the foundation of every leading strategy. In fact, it’s the only kind to shoot for. Waning attention spans and content saturation demand that your content compete at a very high level.

When a visitor experiences a single blog, podcast, whitepaper or landing page, all they may do is consume that piece and go their way. But if they are in-market, what they learn from good content stays with them as they move through the journey, and they may be willing to read more from your brand.

According to Forrester, it takes buyers 11.4 pieces of content to make a purchasing decision. If you focus on one piece of content at a time, getting prospects to consume 11 content pieces will take a lot of your time and resources. Instead, organize around on answering questions you know buyers will have at different stages, by job roles and buying group roles. Intent data provides real information about these interests across the spectrum.

Craft a Positive Content Experience

Consider the destination and take your prospects on a relevant and engaging content experience. Use intent intelligence to really understand what in-market buyers need in your industry. Then craft the content experiences that satisfy those needs.

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