Technology Industry Update: November 2016

There’s been a lot going on in the technology industry the past few weeks. In our prep for Thanksgiving, we know you may have missed some things, so here’s a recap of important news you may have missed:

  • Adobe has picked up the ad-tech company TubeMogul for a cool $500 million. The move will help position Adobe’s Cloud Marketing platform as a one-stop market that also includes television and video advertising. Venture Beat
  • IBM opens its new global securities headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, including a dedicated “cyber range” to test and simulate cyber-threats along with a global incident response (X-Force) and Intelligence services.
  • Seasoned IT products and services provider, CA Technologies makes several announcements during its CA World conference in Las Vegas, releasing a new SaaS platform, CA Agile Central, as well as new addictions to DevOps tools.
  • The human resources and consultancy firm TriNet reported a 15 percent hike in revenues when the company announced its third quarter earnings in a recent press release.
  • Aruba Networks CEO Dominic Orr makes official statements revealing new low-product line competing with Cisco. He also reveals plans to increase the acquisition rate of software companies.
  • The brand technology company CDW set records with its third quarterly earnings, and will release dividends to stockholders at rates nearly 49 percent higher than expected, according to a CDW press release.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the business-focused arm of HP, could buy the Boston-based Simplivity, which would help cement HPE’s focus on server systems, networking and storage devices, according to this Forbes magazine article.
  • Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri takes part in a Q&A at the EMEA conference in Barcelona, assessing his partners, competitors and politics. Five key takeaways in diginomica article.
  • Glint’s latest round of fund raising garnered $37 million to help expand its place as a top-rated cloud-base employee satisfaction platform. Glint was founded in 2013 and uses artificial intelligence to determine employee happiness. Venture Beat
  • Intel Security announces 10 products driven by machine learning malware classification and cloud advanced threat protection and outlines its strategy, architecture, along with key partners in prep of becoming McAfee and a standalone company.
  • Computers will be closer to becoming as accessible to consumers as smartphones with the new leadership set to take the reins at VMWARE, and promising to double the company’s portion of the segment. Sumit Dhawan is the hand-picked successor to Sanjay Poonten, who has been training Dhawan for the position for three years. CRN
  • Larry Ellison helped Oracle acquire NetSuite for $9.3 billion, despite NetSuite’s investors’ defense of a higher price tag. Read more of the New York Times story here.
  • With Amazon’s cloud capabilities expanding, Oracle is investing in as many cloud-based platforms as possible to widen its cloud capabilities and prevent Amazon from monopolizing the market, according to the Bloomberg post.
  • SAP is looking to key businesses in order to expand its customer base with Hana 2, an update that includes a free version for developers to make them more accessible, according to a Bloomberg post. Sap is a leader in business application software.
  • The disruption that occurred recently in the United Kingdom’s security sector including acquisitions and mergers will help the industry grow, according to Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman in the industry magazine, CRN.
  • The performance management platform Anaplan has formed a partnership with Informatica, the world’s top provider of data management solutions. The union will lead to more flexibility and access to more technology for both companies, according to a press release
  • The software company Nutanix has added some new enhancement to existing software to help ease modern and enterprise workloads. Read more in the industry publication CRN.
  • The end of some programs from Intel Security – soon to be renamed McAfee – has new companies looking to fill the void Intel has left behind by abandoning the programs. CRN.
  • Urban Airship has debuted Open Channels and Open Profiles, two new messaging API’s that are designed to allow personalized messaging from platforms, marketing channels, devices and real-time customer data. United Airshop is also going to offer support for Apples News notifications, according to the article appearing in Venture Beat.
  • A technology-based expert, Timothy McDonough, has been named chief marketing officer at Forcepoint LLC, the Austin-based cybersecurity division of the military contractor Raytheon Co. McDonough’s extensive background includes stints at Quallcom Corp. and Microsoft Corp, according to the Austin issue of Business Journal.
  • Indeni has rounded up $10 million in funding from investors to help expand its customer base, which it will do in part by boosting funding for sales and marketing to help raise awareness. The funds came from investors Sequoia Capital, iAngels, and CIRtech, according to the Venture Beat story.
  • With the sale of A3 printers in proverbial freefall due to lack of need, Orlando Lacayo, the global product manager at Dell, said the company is set to top its competitors, including HP and Lexmark, with cheaper A4 offerings as well as tapping into unchartered markets, according to a story appearing in the industry magazine CRS.
  • NetApp is getting a bigger piece of the cloud with new hybrid offerings that will connect users to various clouds, allowing them access to more fluidity and space. CRN.
  • Insight Enterprises is paying $258 million to buy Datalink, a dominating data center solution provider, to help elevate its data center services offerings significantly, along with other features. around hybrid cloud, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, according to CRN.
  • The business software company Wrike was named a Project Management Leader by the Gartner company Software Advice, according to a press release. Wrike took honors for its ability to work well with a wide range of demographics, from individual users to large-scale business operations.
  • Dell has sold the software division of its company to Francisco Partners Management LLC and the private equity arm of activist hedge fund Elliott Management Corp. The $2 billion deal includes Dell’s IT services provider Quest Software and the cybersecurity company SonicWall, which is now a private company. Bill Conner, a longtime Dallas cybersecurity executive, has been named president and CEO of SonicWall, according to the Austin-based issue of Business Journal.
  • In other news, Dell Boomi was named the leader in Hybrid Integration for Enterprises.
  • Channel Conficts predicted as Dell EMC removes Quest software from the channel program Partners Predict Channel Conflict As DellEMC Removes Quest Software from Channel Program
  • Domo is planning to bring in in rappers Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg to help overtake the bigger software company Tableau at an upcoming conference. Domo plans to undermine Tableau’s place at the conference, and in the market, suggests this story in Forbes magazine.
  • Despite a really good year, Commvault CEO Robert Hammer talks about plans to grow even more to help drive out the competition while helping consumers better manage storage, according to this story in the industry magazine CRN.
  • Gartner is looking toward the Strategic Technology Trends of 2017, and finds AI & Advanced Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps, Intelligent Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Twins, Blockchain, Conversational Systems, Mesh App and Service Architecture, Digital Technology Platforms, and Adaptive Security Architecture to be the tech terms to watch, according to David Cearley, the vice president of Gartner Research. Forbes
  • IDC predicts big digital, dominance in cloud usage, a deeper dependence on digitally-enhanced products, a boost in IT spending, especially for cloud-based ventures, expansion of artificial intelligence and augmented reality and video, Industry Collaborative Clouds and the majority of Global 500 companies will have teams in place to handle digital content. They were part of the organization’s Top Ten Predictions for 2017, which looked further into the future, as well.
  • Mar-tech’s power is growing, and it is showing at budget time. Based on a study by the analyst firm Gartner, Chief Marketing Officers will be spending more on mar-tech than Chief Information Officers will be spending on hardware, according to the article on
  •  Salesforce’s Revenue is rising, but so are its losses. Salesforce has consistently reported double-digit growth in recent quarters, but is facing tough competition from Oracle as reported in this Forbes article.
  • NetApp’s CEO George Kurian Sees Growth Ahead as the company reports revenue for the fiscal second quarter 2017, which ended October 28, NetApp reported revenues of own less than 1 percent from a year ago, in the fiscal second quarter of 2017.
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