The B2B Buying Journey Begins Online

As most B2B marketers have long realized, the B2B buying journey begins with online research.

Studies show that today’s B2B buyer is 70-90% through the purchase decision-making process before raising their hand to a vendor — and that’s regardless of the price point and purchase complexity.

This independent online research means that by the time buyers make their interest known to vendors, they have largely formed their opinions regarding purchase criteria.

This has left us, as B2B marketers, with little time to meaningfully impact buyers’ opinions – in this compressed window of opportunity, too many of the cards have already been dealt and we can find ourselves forced to play a hand we may not like.

The implication is clear: we as marketers must discover a way to influence customers when they are performing pre-purchase research. The consequence of failing to do so? Bottom line: missed opportunities and lost sales.

But times are always changing, and it’s exciting to know that we’re now able to act on this. How so? Intent Signals™. This data, these signals, let marketers know when individuals at a given organization have been visiting websites across the internet relating to certain product types.

True Influence’s InsightBASE™ delivers these signals to marketers in an easily-digestible format, and with its Eloqua and Marketo integrations, it supports timely and targeted marketing automation campaigns that automatically deliver product-specific emails to prospects at the very beginningof their buying journey.

For the proactive marketer, having this knowledge is crucial, as it not only allows us to activate campaigns directly speaking to relevant individuals at companies at the beginning of their buying journey, it flips the script in our favor, giving us the opportunity to educate prospects as to our product differentiators early on, helping shape their opinions in ways that lead them to become opportunities for sales.

This is an entirely new capability for B2B marketers, and an exciting one! We at True Influence are thrilled to contribute this Intent Signal information to the marketing process, and have worked hard to create an interface built specifically to meet the needs of marketing end users.

An overview of InsightBASE is here, and we’d welcome a discussion of Intent Signal use cases, as well as questions or comments of any kind. Please contact us here to arrange a call with an Intent Signal specialist.

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