Three Marketing Cloud Challenges You Can’t Ignore

The marketing cloud has gained immense popularity in today’s B2B world. With the potential to create a complete audience profile, streamline workflow and collaboration between teams, and personalize B2B marketing campaigns, marketing cloud has become an eye-catching technology for B2B marketers.

But can it be as simple as it sounds? Not always. Despite many benefits and capabilities, the cloud has some challenges, too. These limitations may raise doubts about how to invest in the marketing cloud to increase B2B sales.

In this article, we look at three critical challenges of the marketing cloud you can’t ignore, and once you resolve those questions, it’s clear sailing. But before that, let’s understand what marketing cloud is all about.

What Is a Marketing Cloud?

A marketing cloud is an integrated suite of marketing tools or solutions that covers analysis, automation and orchestration of interaction with prospects across various channels. Combined with advanced analytics, natural language processing and artificial intelligence in a single platform, it delivers solutions for:

  • Journey management
  • Email campaigns
  • Social engagement
  • Website activity
  • Personalization
  • Digital advertising
  • Content customization

Marketing Cloud: Not as Simple as It Sounds

Challenge #1 – Complexity and Integration

Though the cloud promises greater flexibility and lower costs with other benefits, it throws a critical challenge for B2B companies: Integration. According to a recent survey, around 90% of the respondents say integration with existing systems to be a “common” or “very common” hurdle. The initial stage of integration (running campaigns, instrumenting the site, connecting core systems) is time-consuming and results in stillborn or improperly deployed instances. 

Challenge #2 – Security

A cloud model offers you several reasons to migrate: it reduces reliance on on-premises data centers, is highly accessible, and ensures time and cost savings. At the same time, it brings a whole new set of security challenges. The 2020 Cloud Security Report says that 52% of the organizations believe the risk of a security breach is more in the cloud environment than on-premises. And 75% of the companies are worried about its security system. 

To build a secure cloud environment, an integrated cloud solution must have the potential to encrypt and store data. Moreover, there must be a safe way to connect with the cloud to access, view, and share information.

Challenge #3 – Right People with Good Knowledge

Having a team of the right people is imperative for a successful marketing cloud implementation. It helps you to represent your business strategy, unlock business requirements, and develop technical solutions.

On the other hand, the marketing cloud also involves an integrated set of tools and resources. Before adopting each tool and resource or the whole package, it’s essential to learn about its right application at the right place. It helps you save time and money. Some marketing cloud providers can help set teams up correctly from the start.

Build Your B2B Campaign Strategy

As a B2B marketer, you focus on finding solutions rather than sticking to problems. Your job is to deploy digital media suitable for your business goals, gain in-depth knowledge about the marketing cloud, and develop the right skill set to execute. 

So, are you ready to resolve these three obstacles move towards your business growth with a cloud strategy? If yes, contact our data and cloud professionals with any questions. Also, learn more in these articles:

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