True Influence Aims To Identify Anonymous Visitors

InsightBASE-imageTrue Influence’s InsightBASE™ is designed to track online buyer behavior, positioning B2B marketers to engage with prospects before they interact with a salesperson.

InsightBASE is designed to monitor the online activity of individuals visiting third-party websites across the Internet. Comparing the interest levels of target companies over time helps to identify surges in interest in a certain topic or product type.

Features include the ability to launch well-timed display ad campaigns and the automatic triggering of email campaigns delivering mid-funnel content through Marketo or Oracle’s marketing automation.

Targeted Users
This solution is aimed at B2B marketers, CMOs and VPs of Marketing — with daily users in marketing operations and demand generation.

The data gathered can be integrated with existing CRM or marketing automation systems such as Oracle, Marketo and Salesforce. InsightBASE data may also be exported for use with business intelligence or other data analysis tools.

Delivery/Pricing Models
InsightBASE is offered via subscription, with pricing based on the number of companies being monitored.

Competitive Positioning
InsightBASE intends to make Big Data usable for marketers. It can monitor and curate data from multiple sources to identify buyer intent, technology and contact data on the market. Marketers are positioned to use the data as it’s received through a user interface designed specifically for marketers. InsightBASE enhances marketing’s use of insights by including contact information for relevant prospects at target companies.

Contact Information
True Influence
8000 Towers Crescent Drive, 13th Floor
Vienna, VA 22182
[email protected]

Source: DemandGenREPORT

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