True Influence Announces Open API for InsightBASE Platform

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True Influence Announces Open API for InsightBASE Platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 7, 2016 – True Influence, a fact-based account marketing company specializing in B2B lead generation and prospect insight, today announced the availability of an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) for its flagship InsightBASE™ platform. The open API and accompanying toolkit combine to enable any software developer to connect their native systems or applications to the proprietary InsightBASE Relevance Engine.

“InsightBASE is a unique combination of B2B Intent Signaling and Contact Data, and a Relevance Engine-powered user interface that makes all of this information directly accessible to marketers”, said Brian Giese, CEO, True Influence. “We developed this API as part of our integrations of InsightBASE with Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce, and offering it now as an open API makes InsightBASE information available to users in whatever format they find best meets their needs”

The InsightBASE API is the first of its kind in True Influence’s industry – it enables developers to easily plugsmart Relevance Engine algorithm data into their own applications, making this intelligence even more broadly available to the marketing community.

“For marketers to take full advantage of intent data, it must be easily accessible within marketing automation systems. API-level integration is the most flexible way to accomplish this,”says David Raab, Principal, Raab Associates.

“We are excited to use the new InsightBASE APIs to plug True Influence data into our apps platform. It’s a move that will equip customers with easy access to valuable buyer Intent Signals™” says David York, CEO, SureShot.

“We committed to delivering a new capability to B2B marketers by productizing Intent Signals,” added Giese. “This was an industry offering only raw data feeds, and our vision included creating a graphical user interface and linking people to intent signals so Sales &Marketing knows who to contact. This API is part of our strategy to make InsightBASE intelligence easily accessible and allows us to support any other usage of InsightBASE and Relevance Engine intent signaling data. We’re excited to see the ways in which marketers harness this new intelligence”.

To learn more and to access the new InsightBASE API, please visit:

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