True Influence Launches InsightBASE to Boost B2B Marketing Performance


Platform Offers Crucial Insights into Online Behavior Identifying Corporate Purchase Intentions Through 20+ Billion Intent Signals™
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Data-driven technology company True Influence launched InsightBASE™, a new data solution that monitors and curates online behavioral signals. Now, B2B marketers can engage with prospects before they directly identify themselves as being in the market.

“The B2B buying journey begins with online research” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “With InsightBASE, marketers now have the entirely new B2B capability of monitoring visits to third-party B2B websites. It provides a new view and a new opportunity that marketers never had access to before, and marketers are enjoying an average improvement of 400% in campaign conversion results.”

Gathering over 3 billion Intent Signals per month, InsightBASE allows marketers to reach interested individuals at specific companies. InsightBASE monitors online activity by individuals visiting business websites from their corporate domains, capturing the web pages visited and the content of those pages. Comparing the activity level of target companies over time allows InsightBASE to identify surges in interest using select keywords.

This new intelligence can be integrated with existing CRM or marketing automation systems such as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce allowing marketers to take advantage of launching campaigns automatically and target companies that meet a certain interest level criteria. Giese said “We’ve worked very closely with our Marketing Automation and CRM partners and are thrilled to see the benefits of this remarkable data delivered to the industry for the benefit of all.”

Marketers can use InsightBASE to:

  • Target Account-Based Display Advertising Whenever individuals at a target organization begin their buying journey by conducting internet research, all relevant titles within a marketers’ database will receive marketing messaging that speaks directly to their interest and are shown display banner advertising when they browse the web from work.
  • Send Timely and Targeted Email Campaigns InsightBASE allows marketers to deliver product-specific email to prospects at the very beginning of their buying journey – the internet research stage. When a company shows a surge in interest in a given product type, InsightBASE automatically pushes both intent signal data and contact information to marketing automation systems, triggering campaigns with open and click-through rates of 400% higher than normal.
  • Provide a Cost-Effective Alternative to Google AdWords The purpose of this usage of Intent Leads is to deliver product-specific email to prospects at the very beginning of their buying journey – the Internet research stage.

InsightBASE is sold as a subscription and is based on the number of accounts being monitored.


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