True Influence to offer Data-Driven, Account-Based Targeting with InsightBASE

TI-data-driven-300x225True Influence, a data-driven technology company, has launched the InsightBASE™ platform, a tool designed to curate online behavioral signals to help marketers engage prospects before they present themselves as a potential customer.

InsightBASE aims to monitor online activity from corporate domains who visit business websites — analyzing the visited webpage and it’s content. The insights gained from the platform can be integrated with CRM and marketing automation systems such as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce.

The platform positions marketers to:

  • Target prospective buyers through account-based display advertising;
  • Send timely and targeted email campaigns designed to automate the process of email campaigns based on intent signal data and contact information; and
  • Deliver product-specific email to prospects at the very beginning of their buying journey.

“The B2B buying journey begins with online research” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “With InsightBASE, marketers now have the entirely new B2B capability of monitoring visits to third-party B2B websites. It provides a new view and a new opportunity that marketers never had access to before, and marketers are enjoying an average improvement of 400% in campaign conversion results.”

Source: marketing ID

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