True Influence’s Top 10 Most Viewed Blogs from 2021

As a result of the emergence and continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 and 2021 were challenging years for families, friends, businesses, and entire communities. Even though numerous changes have occurred, businesses have had no choice but to roll up their sleeves and embrace and implement new strategies to thrive in the competitive B2B market. In particular, content has become a game-changing tool for marketers largely because prospects can gain knowledge and find solutions to their problems, which often creates and increases engagement and conversions. Continue your educational journey by reading 10 brief summaries of True Influence’s most visited blog articles in 2021. 

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Top 10 True Influence Articles Worth Reviewing 

1. B2B Marketing Terms You Need to Know 

Understanding marketing lingo and specific terms are one pivotal part of becoming a successful B2B marketer. It’s essential to stay updated and aware of new industry buzzwords, the latest trends, and relevant marketing strategies and tactics.

The “B2B Marketing Terms You Need to Know” article was our most trending piece of content last year. It’s in marketers’ best interest to read through the list of over 100 B2B marketing terms with their definitions, learn them the best they can, and perhaps reference the article in the future when needed. 

2. 9 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your B2B Strategy

It’s safe to say that content marketing is a B2B marketer’s secret weapon for executing effective marketing campaigns, generating leads, and closing deals. By using specific content marketing strategies, brands can make their customers’ jobs easier while also growing their business at the same time.

The “9 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your B2B Strategy” article offers insights into what content marketing is all about and why this strategy should be implemented by B2B businesses moving forward.

3. Get to Know the Buying Groups That Really Make the Purchase Decision

Regardless of your industry, do you know the answers to these questions? Who is your buying group? What are the phases of the buying journey? What are the buying group dynamics when the time comes to design your marketing and sales strategies? If you cannot answer these questions, our “Get to Know the Buying Groups That Really Make the Purchase Decision” article is an ideal read. 

Within this article, expect to gain in-depth insights about buying groups, the phases of a buying journey, and the framework of buying groups, in addition to learning how to build an audience and sell products to specific target accounts.

4. What’s the Difference Between Programmatic and Display Advertising?

In the B2B marketing landscape, it’s relatively common for companies to use numerous terminologies interchangeably without a clear understanding of their exact definitions. Sometimes, marketers even confuse different terms with each other, which is partly due to the increase of complex industry jargon as well as extensive and emerging B2B technologies.

Interestingly, display advertising and programmatic advertising are classic examples of this. Although display advertising and programmatic advertising appear to be similar and can both be equally beneficial for various businesses, they’re unique in terms of their specific definitions, functionalities, and overall content they focus on.

The “What’s the Difference Between Programmatic and Display Advertising?” article provides details into how these two popular advertising terms are similar and different from each other.

5. Choosing an Intent Data Provider: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

In addition, as intent monitoring continues to gain momentum among different B2B organizations, many data companies are becoming interested for their own reasons. Despite companies having a wide array of options to choose from, selecting the best intent data provider is often a challenging task.

However, our “Choosing an Intent Data Provider: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy” article sheds light on intent data providers and mentions six major questions worth asking before making a purchase and settling on a business partner. 

Next, the power of intent data coupled with an integrated marketing platform helps brands achieve buyers’ intent signals in real-time. By using these different signals, companies can track, reach, and engage prospects more effectively while also bringing more value to their business and increasing their ROI.

The “Intent Data Use Cases: Try These 10 Popular Applications for Intent” blog article provides details and helpful tips regarding intent data use cases, concrete examples of them, and various applications of intent data within different fields.

7. 11 Reasons Lead Generation Needs Content Syndication

According to a recent Gartner survey, it was reported that lead generation is the biggest challenge for 58 percent of B2B marketers. Determining a successful formula for generating qualified leads and content syndication is essential. Our “11 Reasons Lead Generation Needs Content Syndication” article offers insights into how content syndication can empower brands to reach potential prospects by publishing content on third-party sites. This blog article also touches on ways to engage a much broader audience within a short period of time.

8. Dive Into These 5 B2B Content Marketing Practices

It’s no secret that 2020, and even 2021, was rough for many people, companies, and marketers regardless of the industry and sector. However, a sense of normalcy has been established in some parts of the world and numerous brands have re-focused their efforts on leads, prospects, and conversions. 

For years, many B2B prospects heavily research content online and even make purchases online. Therefore, there’s a significant need for brands to engage and connect with prospects digitally. One way to take action is through content marketing, especially since it’s known to deliver relevancy and versatility regarding prospect engagement.

In the blog post, “Dive Into These 5 B2B Content Marketing Practices,” prepare to learn about the top 5 B2B content marketing practices that can help solve prospects’ pain points, how to effectively engage with prospects, and then specific ways for moving them down the sales funnel with the help of personalized content.

9. Intent Data: The Secret to Creating Killer Lead Generation Campaigns

Generally, a large majority of lead generation professionals have their own special ways of creating, developing, and executing lead generation campaigns. This varies from the usage of predictive analytics to case studies to creating and developing personas. 

Fortunately for you, our “Intent Data: The Secret to Creating Killer Lead Generation Campaigns” article provides details about an add-on ingredient for the perfect campaign cocktail, which is intent data. This blog post also contains in-depth details about the ways intent data provides support when creating a list of qualified leads, engaging prospects throughout the buying journey, and then moving them through the sales funnel.

10. How B2B Digital Marketing Significantly Boosts Revenue

Last but not least, whether you’re an individual or an established B2B company, despite the tough challenges you may encounter, the main goal is always to find solutions that can solve customers’ problems while running your businesses successfully and increasing revenue at the same time.

In the blog post, “How B2B Digital Marketing Significantly Boosts Revenue,” useful information about how B2B companies strategically use digital marketing strategies to significantly augment their business revenue is provided. On top of these details, the article also discusses how important it is to remain aware and informed about the latest tools and technologies in your industry.

By creating and sharing the right pieces of content, applying the right strategies, using the right technologies, and implementing relevant solutions, brands like yours can overcome various obstacles while growing your business and increasing revenue within nearly any environment! 

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