How to tweak the frequency of email marketing

We have had some questions from customers and other marketers on how to fine tune email frequency. If your customer sees too many emails from you, even if it’s just a perception, that email marketing campaign might be more detrimental than beneficial.

Key Decision Points

We recommend three simple points to help you determine the frequency of your emails:

  1. Determine the cost of acquiring email addresses.
  2. Determine the lifetime value of the average recipient on your site.
  3. Monitor the number of unsubscriptions per campaign, and the number of received emails per average user.

Once you can balance the ratio of acquisitions to unsubscriptions, along with the value of an email (the lifetime spend), this will allow you to carefully moderate the frequency with which you send emails.

Rule of Thumb

However, we always recommend erring on the side of less mail. Everyone has had the experience of unsubscribing despite the good content simply because the volume became a turn off. We also recommend sending fresh relevant messages to keep them engaged. Remember once a subscriber is gone, it’s very hard to lure them back.

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