What Do B2B Buyers Want: The New Buying Process

Why Have Buyer Engagement Challenges Become So Disruptive? 

Before we look at why B2B buyer engagement challenges have been so disruptive, we have to look at buyers themselves. B2B buyers don’t care about features or benefits as much as they care about getting a solution that meets their needs. Every buyer engagement challenge is an opportunity for disruption of the status quo, and that can be a positive thing. Out of disruption comes a new way to engage with B2B buyers.

Digital B2B Selling Challenges

But there’s another elephant in the room: the abrupt disruption of B2B selling from covid and the massive shift to digital. That upended marketing and sales like nothing else. 

This article focuses on these questions in particular:

  • How does intent data help sales power through disruption?
  • What keeps sales and marketing teams from personalized engagements?

Overcome disruption through intent intelligence

The changes coming from all sides play into a host of new and existing buyer engagement challenges. These conditions, in turn, have accelerated the role of intent data in the B2B marketing scene.

Intent can improve sales and marketing performance by discovering in-market accounts. But that’s just the beginning. Leverage intent intelligence to transform a stagnant pipeline or optimize account-based engagement.

Map the purchase intent of prospects and organizations based on their online activity. This helps you decide how and where to spend marketing dollars. But for some reason, this doesn’t always happen.

What two mistakes keep sales and marketing from more relevant engagements?

  • Poor alignment of marketing and sales

Marketing and sales alignment is one of the biggest obstacles to productive B2B engagements. What a waste, when we now know so much more about the value of alignment in the revenue funnel. Lack of marketing and sales alignment has become a growing concern, as business leaders realize that poor alignment starves revenue. Most groups work with a silo mentality, leading to loss of opportunities and revenue. What is it that prevents selling teams from unified engagements with buyers?

  • Lack of relevant content

As an organization, if you still rely on cold calls and impersonal emails, you’re making a big mistake. According to Forrester research, more than 75% of executive buyers say that sales personnel don’t have relevant examples or case studies to support their pitches. That’s where the unified approach brings revenue teams closer to the goal.

Best Practice: Sales works with Marketing to personalize content for better  conversations.

Content has a big influence on prospects at all stages. Some sales professionals spend up to a third of their time trying to create relevant content. Why not collaborate with the content marketing team from the beginning to better leverage existing and new collateral and assets?

By mapping and analyzing buyer touch points, marketers use the quality data to significantly increase conversions. The secret: Turn to intent data for the topics where buyers show interest, then create content that answers their immediate questions better than anything else. Do this for every stage of your revenue funnel, in fact, across the customer lifecycle. 

Intent data is a game-changer in the content game. Intent behavior is the digital footprint of buyers across the web. It tells marketers and sales more precisely what prospects have done and how to engage next. 

Predict and Prevent Customer Churn with Intent Data

Intent data may give insight into the perceptions your current customers have about your company, too. Maybe they’re looking into alternatives to present programs. If they’re researching your competitors, they may be thinking of ending their relationship with you. Proactive conversation with such customers can save the account before it’s too late. 

According to some studies, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer. In 2020, customer retention is the new acquisition. Keeping the customers you have is a smarter alternative to replacing them with new ones.

How does intent data change the selling game?

How can B2B sales specifically use intent data to improve engagements? Here’s one of the top reasons for sales teams to embrace intent signals:

Generate quality leads

Quality data contributes to quality leads. Tracking actual user behavior signals is one of the steps on the road to spotting true prospects with high buying potential. It narrows the scope of your marketing activities to specific, high-return accounts, leading to higher ROI. 

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