What IS Lead Nurturing? And What IS IT NOT?

Lead nurturing is a really misunderstood topic in marketing today. In fact, most marketers don’t understand what it IS and what it IS NOT at all. So, here we go. Some thoughts on what it IS and what is IS NOT for you.

It IS NOT Lead Nurturing When:

  • You send the same old stuff (white papers, case studies etc.) over and over again to the same old prospect list and expect a different result. Sound like the definition of insanity?
  • Your sales team calls prospects that are in the early stages of the buying process every month just to “stay in touch” with them.
  • You offer brochures or data sheets to early in the sales process about your product or service and expect a prospect to read them.

It IS Lead Nurturing When:

  • You send an automated series of targeted emails that include content based on the prospects’ interest, role or location. The purpose is to answer a question or offer more information – automatically. Lead nurturing is sending information that is relevant to their problem or tries to help them do their job better without asking for anything in return.
  • Your sales team makes calls based on marketing “touches” that adds value to the interaction. This gives them a valid business reason for each call.
  • You focus on sharing content that’s relevant to them even if they never buy from you. Getting them to remember you by not “selling” them through external offers but by creating internal pressure for them to buy from you.

Just like you, your audience is well educated and does not want to be sold. But they do want to buy and are hungry to be educated so you can take advantage of that. And, in the end, real Lead Nurturing will create a sales pipeline that is very predictable and more reliable for your marketing and sales management efforts.

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