What’s Been the Impact of AI on B2B Marketing?

Some of the most remarkable developments in online B2B marketing have been inspired by artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a recap of some of the ways AI impacts B2B marketing. (And for a recap and resources from our recent summit on AI and B2B, visit our summit-on-demand page.)

Where B2B Marketing Benefits from AI

Email marketing

Thanks to AI’s skill with large datasets, B2B marketers can gather lots of good information about the practice and performance of email. Artificial intelligence processes millions of data points to determine what’s the best time to deliver an email and other optimizations. It monitors customer behavior, recognizes the concepts and topics they look for, and decides what information needs to be sent. This AI-driven automation adds efficiency and precision to email marketing strategy. 

Predictive marketing

Predictive analytics help businesses classify their future clients by leveraging customized data over a period of time. AI has the capability to understand these prior customer experiences and create insights that are more successful for acquiring prospective customers.

For example, you have sales statistics on thousands of clients and their previous purchases. Without AI algorithms’ help, it’s just complex data, column after column, listings, tracking numbers, and titles. With AI, you can analyze the data to spot patterns and gain insights for predictive B2B marketing. 


AI lets B2B marketers develop enriched interactions. Using AI to personalize the web experience allows tracking each user’s specific desires and responding with relevance.

Here are four methods where AI-driven personalization can further enhance customer experience:

  • Boost recommendations for shopping based on customer requirements.
  • Post personalized content on the website in real-time.
  • Increase online transfer speed
  • Offer tailored interactions based on data

Insight Integration

AI offers a helpful strategy for gathering and consolidating data sources from various applications and sampling techniques. The more powerful and organized the database, the easier it is to target and configure digital B2B marketing campaigns based on previous purchase activities and customer experience. AI can assemble and evaluate databases in a far more efficient manner through meta-analysis, than we can. The result is valuable insights that help generate quality leads, and increase client conversions and ROI.

Artificial intelligence has affected every aspect of B2B marketing, from email to SEO to insight integration and customer journey analytics. AI will continue to play a crucial role in deriving new sources of customer, product, and operational value. 

Learn More About AI and B2B Marketing

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