What’s Next for Intent Signal Platforms? Easier Integrated Marketing!

When companies get overwhelmed with managing multiple sales and marketing solutions, it quickly gets confusing and difficult to decipher which to use and how to make them work together. A comprehensive intent intelligence solution managed from just one user interface makes it far easier to monitor campaigns, enrich them with intent signals, and optimize for ROI. With recent announcements from True Influence, intent signal intelligence evolution finally reaches this critical milestone.

Intent Intelligence
The new release of InsightBase 4.1 offers a single user interface for demand generation campaigns and intent-driven buying group discovery to increase revenue and optimize ROI. With an intent intelligence solution fronted by a single interface, users can:

  • Discover contact intent and domain intent using cookie-tracking technologies to map intent signals directly to individuals in a B2B contact database.
  • Discover intent data trends at domain, location, and contact levels, and compare this intent intelligence to buying group models for deeper understanding of new opportunities and influencers within accounts.

Intent Intelligence

  • Configure Intent insights, spiking accounts, and intent contacts for CRM or marketing automation systems for immediate qualification and outreach using intelligent workflows and targeted engagement.
  • Inform data-driven sales and marketing decisions with intent analysis, segmentation, and research tools that go beyond lookalike modeling to identify Total Active Market.
  • Leverage big data analytics for better B2B prospects using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze billions of intent signals each day and identify organizations researching relevant topics.

Intent Intelligence

Combining the Collective Power of Intent Signal Solutions

An integrated solution lets users monitor the results of demand generation campaigns across a range of solutions to simplify campaign management. By integrating intent-based campaigns in one place, results can be easily measured, while operational costs decrease. InsightBase® 4.1 combines the award-winning InsightBase 4.0 marketing intelligence solution with demand generation from True Influence PersonaBase™; and ActiveBase® solutions through a single user interface. Email alerts notify users when campaigns are available in InsightBase 4.1 for immediate attention. This also improves security and compliance across campaigns.

Intent Intelligence

Primed for Intent Signals

InsightBase 4.1 looks for spikes in purchase research activity from individuals within buying groups who are actively researching a company’s product or solution. Intent signals then connect with verified contact information and firmographic data organized around an extensive library of 6,000+ topics relevant to specific product and markets.

Bi-Directional CRM Integration

InsightBase 4.1 supports leading sales and marketing platforms with CRM bi-directional integration, so intent intelligence can be shared without manual intervention. Once integrated with a CRM system, InsightBase 4.1 dynamically updates coverage maps, including sales representatives assigned to accounts. Sales teams know which accounts are “hot prospects” based upon that prospect’s intent activity with relevant topics.

Read the Announcement

Get the press release to learn more details about InsightBase 4.1 and the next evolution of intent intelligence solutions.

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