FAQ: Where do you get your data?

The first question found in our FAQ, “Where do you get your data?” is our most frequently asked. Where we get the data is our secret sauce of InsightBASE™, and its part of what makes us who we are.

As you’ll find here, we cover the types of data aggregated and where it can be found on a broader scale. We do this because InsightBASE is built upon a unique combination of data aggregated from more than 30 different industry sources, and understanding these types of data is central to understanding how InsightBASE has cracked the code, so to speak – finally delivering to B2B marketers the powerful benefits of intent signal data.

Intent Signal Data

This is traffic on the internet that has expressed interest in a topic by consuming content of a webpage, to which we then convert to a topic. The most considerable data of the bunch, it comes in various formats – social media, industry and economic trends, text documents, audio files, and so on. We know the signal tracks to a specific location, to a specific area, and can thus detect surges in activity. We then infer that a certain group of people are making expressions of interest. As we like to say, that’s the secret sauce.

We track the building, the title of the employees, to which the marketer can then call the company to ask about their interests. In the world of marketing, this insight guides workflow in the right direction. In sales, these data aids sales representatives in making more accurate calls to the right buyers at the right time.

The process for Intent Signal Data™ is as such: An event occurs – such as a pain point – which calls for a specific action to alleviate it. Due to this demand, sales create a targeted list of prospects who have been or will be affected by the event, and will thus need a solution. The data in this list is ‘intent signal data’.

Business Contact Data

Business Contact data is straightforward: it’s data you would find on an individual or company’s business card – of which we have over 30 million people, which we triple-verify before being delivered to you in our managed services.

Tech Install Data

Once the companies are consuming the content, we can then filter the companies that have technological installation – for example, IBM may use Microsoft OS, Cisco could use IBM PC’s, etc. This filter is another specific type of data called ‘tech install’.

So where does True Influence get its data for InsightBASE?

As we said earlier, we receive Intent Signals from thousands of B2B websites and media publishers. For every signal we monitor, we’re listening for thousands of granular B2B topics. This algorithm is part of our Relevance Engine. InsightBASE infers a close connection to a person browsing a topic on the Internet, the company they work for, and where they’re located.
We provide sales and marketing teams with digital footprints of their interest, with intelligence never before seen in the B2B sales process.

If you are ready for the next step and would like to see InsightBASE in action, sign up for a live demo to see how you can use data to your advantage.

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