While in Town for Sirius, Check Out These Events

By Zachary Smith.

While in town for the 2015 Sirius Decisions Summit, don’t forget you’re in Music City where the music echoes everywhere, the food is great and outdoor recreation options are plentiful. Though we at True Influence are not suggesting trade show attendees blow off events there, exploring Nashville during free time can be a rewarding experience. So, when packing for the trip, bring your love of live music, good food and possibly an acoustic guitar.


Here are seven places and activities in Nashville worth investigating:

1. Ryman Auditorium: This venue hosts concerts, sports events and general shows. On May 15, go see Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) and Megan Mullally (“Will & Grace”) perform their comedy show, “Summer of 69: No Apostrophe” More information can be found here.


2. 2015 Historic Rural Life Festival: Yes, this may be a family friendly agricultural-themed event, but this is Americana in its purest. Learn about farm animals, blacksmithing, weaving, soap-making, music, culture and more. May 14-15, Tennessee Agricultural Museum, Nashville


3. Grand Ole Opry: Take a tour of the legnendary music hall where country, folk and rock musicians left their musical legacies. The Opry provides knowledgeable staff who will guide visitors through the halls, on stage and behind-stage and tell the stories about guests—past and present—that built the venue’s legendary reputation. Check out touring and concert schedules at opry.com.


4. Warner Park: The area is a park perfect for hiking, running, picnics, and taking in the natural world. Also check out friendsofwarnerparks.com for Full Moon Pickin’ Party (Full moon Fridays) for live music offerings.


5. Centennial Park: Open space near downtown that is a great place to catch live music, picnics, family fun, and general recreation.


6. Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge: This scenic, photogenic bridge spans East Nashville to downtown is both pedestrian and bike-friendly. This is a perfect tour to truly capture the Nashville skyline and capture memories.


7. Nashville Pedal Tavern: Like bicycling and bar hopping? Those who are adventurous enough to combine the two elements (safely) should consider checking out the Pedal Tavern, where patrons can enjoy a tour of the city while “keeping fit”. More information can be found here.


8. Broadway/Downtown: This is the downtown Nashville area where the excitement unfolds nightly. Come and check out live music of all genres, bars, clubs and nightlife in general.


For more Nashville activities and events, go to visitmusiccity.com
For more information on True Influence, go to trueinfluence.com

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