Why B2B Buyers Want Your Syndicated Content

B2B marketers make frequent use of content syndication to reach B2B buyers. An intent-led content syndication campaign identifies prospects around a specific topic with less effort and budget. But content syndication does as much if not more for in-market B2B buyers looking for those answers. Their business goals and results may depend on what they discover in the “five to seven pieces of content” or more B2B buyers typically consume on their purchase journeys. 

B2B Buyers and Brands Win with Content Syndication

Content syndication can be one of those highly desirable win-win scenarios that benefit both B2B buyers and brands. For B2B marketers, intent data is advantageous in many ways:

  • Bringing intent intelligence into content syndication helps identify the best publishers to drive engagement for your messaging. The right sites are the ones your target audiences frequent and engage with, and AI and intent data reveal these.
  • Intent data offers unparalleled insights marketers use to customize content based on an audience’s active interest
  • Intent makes up for lack of staff by using AI to monitor behavior of accounts who may buy from you, so lean teams can focus on the highest quality leads. 
  • Sales teams can contribute more to bottom line results, as it reduces customer acquisition costs. Again, this is due in large part to focus and prioritization, as well as shorter sales cycles.
  • By syndicating high-quality content that aligns with buyers’ specific interests, you set your brand up for success – as a thought leader, educator and partner.

7 Benefits of Content Syndication for B2B

There are many good reasons marketers turn to intent-led content syndication to engage known and unknown in-market buyers. Here are just seven benefits of serving up quality content:

  1. ROI from SEO: When your content posts on a site with a higher authority than yours, Google may give you a ranking boost. Therefore, when dealing with syndication sites, ensure they permit inline links and an author bylines linkable back to your site and social media profiles. Each inbound link from a credible domain is a positive vote in favor of your website.
  1. Exposure to new audiences: One of the biggest benefits of content syndication is you can double, even triple, your target audience reach with little extra work on your part. You may get exposure to a much wider universe of ideal prospects who may never have heard of your products or services.
  1. More leads: Content syndication locates high-potential leads interested in your products and services. They self-qualify by engaging with content on a particular topic that interests them — your content. Ensure you have systems in place to track and capture leads generated through this process. This is important for analysis and reporting functions to track which channels and sites drive the best results. While quality remains the primary concern, because your pool of top-level content syndication leads showed interest in a relevant topic, they may be on the road to being quality leads, too.
  1. Wider content distribution: Content syndication lets you reach a  wider audience in a much shorter period. It’s more proactive than hoping someone comes across great content on your website, or acts on a social post that shares it. As time is probably your most important commodity, content syndication is a cost-effective way to gain access to more prospects in the market for a solution like yours. 
  1. Build strong authority: Content syndication can make known and respected authors out of mere mortals. Include strong calls-to-action, links to your site for a greater treasure trove of information, author biographies, helpful hints and strategies, social media handles, and anything else you can think of to help buyers learn.
  1. Brand awareness on steroids: Having an effective content syndication strategy lets you be a regular syndication partner with top-of-the-line publishers, thus utilizing an influential syndication network. By republishing content on high-authority websites, you’ll reside among other leaders within your segment, thus boosting brand reputation by association.
  1. Resist the temptation to sell:  Yes, this may seem counterintuitive. Yes, content syndication is a tempting opportunity to tout your knowledge, expertise and vision on topics of high interest to target prospects. However, don’t tie in your products and services to this message. Content syndication is typically a higher funnel activity. Rather, present facts, figures, tips and other valuable information. If you do a good job at educating with content syndication, you’ll get to do the selling later. 

Reach In-market B2B Buyers with Content Syndication Services

B2B buyers approve of content syndication, and its rewards are too impressive for brands to ignore.  just to recap, content syndication:

  • Brings healthy exposure to your site
  • Improves brand value
  • Nurtures business revenue

When you’re ready to integrate intent intelligence into your content syndication strategy, True Influence is ready to help you nail it. Our PersonaBase services couple the extensive reach of quality content syndication networks with the power of fresh, premium intent data to find your next customer.

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