Business Brief: To Gate or Not to Gate – That is the Content Marketing Question

It seems people have grown weary of “gated” web content – the practice of requiring site visitors to fill out a form to gain access to premium content. Conversion rates are declining steadily for all but the most valued websites. The reasons vary according to market surveys – some responders complained of the time to complete the forms, while others doubted that the quality of the content would justify the follow-up phone calls they assumed would be received from aggressive marketers. And, despite passage of the CAN-SPAM Act, there are still those who are reluctant to share personal information for fear it will lead to clutter in their Inboxes. The aggregate result of all this is a strong prospect preference for non-gated content.

In this business brief from the marketing experts at True Influence try to answer the most commonly asked content marketing question. To Gate or Not to Gate. Which approach is best for your business? Read on…

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