A B2B marketing agency amps up its ABM strategy by incorporating intent data


Bulldog Solutions, a B2B marketing agency, offers a wide range of services to support enterprise marketers, which they customize to fit each client’s specific needs. The complexity and diversity of Bulldog’s offerings made it challenging to identify the right targets to engage and influence.

That’s why the agency shifted to an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, which raised a whole new set of questions — how to prioritize accounts, which messages to send to which audience, and most importantly, how to do all this with their limited resources. They realized that the answer was intent data, and after meeting with half a dozen vendors, they decided on True Influence.


True Influence worked with Bulldog to develop a pilot project incorporating intent data from InsightBASE into its ABM strategy. Over a 90-day period, the agency targeted 300 accounts, using two personas and eight search terms, for an email campaign highlighting their personalized video services.


  • Email open rate of 39% (the average for marketing firms is just over 10%)
  • Email clickthrough rate of 22% (far above the industry average of 6.26%)
  • Pipeline of $6.8 million
  • 14 meetings per sales rep

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