Intent-based leads drive triple-digit sales appointments


Extreme Networks provides networking solutions to create stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees. After a period of rapid growth, they began to ramp up investment in their demand generation programs. In the course of building their strategy, they encountered three specific challenges:

  • Finding buyers in-market
  • Accelerating the pace of delivering high-quality leads to the sales team
  • Arming sales reps with actionable follow-up intelligence they need to close the deal


Extreme Networks chose True Influence’s intent-based telephone-qualified leads solution — TeleLEADS — as it was the only solution that met all their needs.

  • In-market buyers. Using intent signals, demographic filters, and telephone qualification, True Influence can target the correct personas as they’re actively researching topics relevant to Extreme’s business
  • Faster lead qualification. Extreme can confidently mark True Influence leads as MQLs the moment they appear in the CRM, with a high degree of trust in the accuracy of the contact information.
  • Deeper account intelligence. Each TeleLEAD verification call includes three custom questions aimed at gathering information about the solution the account is currently using, challenges they are facing, and plans to upgrade, giving reps the information they need to conduct meaningful follow-up conversations.


  • In less than 7 months, the Extreme Networks sales team set more than 125 appointments with True Influence leads – results unmatched by any other provider.
  • The smooth flow of leads from marketing to sales improved the working relationship between the two teams.
  • Sales reps continue to give positive feedback on the quality of the True Influence leads and the intelligence they deliver.

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