Gartner feeds a hungry sales force


Success in content syndication requires finding the right approach — the optimal combination of target audience, content type, timing, etc. — and what works perfectly for one company may not work at all for another. In determining how to get the best results, marketing teams rely on test programs — small campaigns with small budgets that allow them to gauge the effectiveness of specific approaches.

Several divisions within Gartner wanted to run test content-syndication campaigns to experiment with new tactics. However, the company’s system was not set up to accommodate small programs, as they had proven to be difficult to manage from a pricing perspective. As a result, requests for these test campaigns were being denied, leaving marketing teams unable to test different approaches to content syndication.


True Influence developed a custom umbrella program that encompassed all Gartner’s campaigns — large and small — enabling them to hit all their lead targets while staying on budget.


Gartner marketing teams now have a plan for continuously improving their content syndication ROI by running test campaigns and learning from the results.

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