Intent drives integrated demand generation, improving conversions of Sales Accepted Leads to Closed/Won Opportunities


The company, valued at $6.5B, provides Human Capital Software for a $22.5B market, growing at a 9.2% annual rate according to MarketsandMarkets. From 2007 to 2019, the company grew from $500M in revenue to approximately $1.4B. With this rapid growth, marketing needed to ensure that demand generation continued to drive their growth goals. The specific challenges they have addressed are:

  • Creating demand generation that feeds the top of the market funnel to support inside sales
  • Converting Sales Accepted Leads to Closed/Won opportunities
  • Increasing the velocity of the pipeline to meet revenue goals


The company started with a small pilot with True Influence to determine cultural fit and demand generation performance. The solution had to scale to over 2.5M global contact records. As the first user of InsightBase®, all marketing activity started with intent and integrated with their marketing tactics.

  • InsightBase identifies who is in-market and prioritizes the audience for PersonaBase™ and ActiveBase™ as well as their ABM targets. Using the DUNS numbers provided by True Influence according to account level, each account is scored using the intent range of positive to neutral. True Influence is now moving the company to a location-based scoring per account.
  • ActiveBase provides teleprospecting departments custom questions for their work management solution, such as what content their prospects are consuming, and how long their current contract is with a competitor.
  • This deep account intelligence is used to construct email campaigns with an appointment-setting call to action.
  • PersonaBase extends their reach via content syndication using the information gained with teleprospecting.
  • True Influence’s Triple Check process uses proprietary algorithms to screen out inaccurate records, and then tele-verifies the business contact information and replaces any out-of-target contacts.


  • By prioritizing all marketing activities with intent, the company provides the needed level of demand generation to inside sales so that sales goals are met.
  • Pipeline velocity has improved, along with conversions to sales accepted leads and closed/won opportunities.
  • Growth goals have been met by the company.
  • True Influence is now serving the industry marketing teams as well as the demand marketing team.

True Influence Integrated Solutions

InsightBase® –Intent
ActiveBase® –Teleprospecting
PersonaBase® – Content Syndication
Triple Check® Verification – 100% Guaranteed Out-of-Target Contact Replacement

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