IBM upgrades its lead generation


Since its founding in 1911, IBM has built its brand on impeccable quality. The commitment to excellence behind the old tagline “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” is alive and well, and it extends to the company’s diligence in choosing its own business solutions.

When IBM’s team looked for a proven reliable source for content syndication leads, they needed a solution from a partner who is as obsessed with quality as they are. They found it in True Influence’s ContentLEADS service, which leverages the power of intent data to deliver premium-quality leads worthy of a global technology leader.


True Influence has been helping IBM ramp up results from its lead generation with ContentLEADS since 2013.


True Influence provides ContentLEADS to IBM with a 100% delivery rate month after month, resulting in six-figure conversions for IBM. True Influence is an IBM “preferred tier-one partner” with a multiyear contract.

True Influence Product

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