Using Intent Data to Grow Funnel and Retarget


As part of a sweeping initiative that involved replacing their entire technology stack, the Imprivata marketing team also made the decision to transition to an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.

As successful ABM requires seamless coordination between sales and marketing, the team mapped out the entire customer journey in detail.

The team recognized that intent data could add critical insights to the customer journey, offering the opportunity to “check in” at regular intervals to see if their strategies continued to align with the customer’s intent signals. At each checkpoint, the customer’s intent data would either validate Imprivata’s current course of action or indicate a need for adjustment. To test this theory, the team conducted a pilot ABM program that incorporated intent data checkpoints throughout the customer journey.


After researching and reviewing multiple providers, Imprivata decided on the True Influence account acceleration platform, InsightBASE.

InsightBASE allows Imprivata to add third-party intent data to their existing first-party sources in determining targets’ interests. The team also uses InsightBASE to identify opportunities with existing customers.

As an added benefit, InsightBASE integrates directly with Imprivata’s Salesforce platform. If one of the accounts in Salesforce begins spiking on targeted keywords, Salesforce automatically switches its status from Target to Active, triggering an alert to the marketing and sales teams. The integration also helps the team identify any mismatches between their strategy and the account’s intent. For example, if sales has been targeting an account for one product, but the account’s intent data indicates interest in a different product, sales is alerted to the disconnect and has the opportunity to adjust their strategy accordingly.


In evaluating the results of their pilot campaign, the Imprivata marketing team confirmed that intent data.

  • Fits in with account based marketing strategies
  • Determines targets’ interest area and level
  • Helps put the right products in front of the right people at the right time
  • Identifies trends for sales or marketing action
  • Fits into the new demand unit waterfall and the martech stack

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