For Marketo, quality + timing = successful lead generation


Marketo needed help tracking new leads coming into its database and making sure the data was correct. Timing was also an issue, as the marketing team needs leads to be delivered on time to help them hit their quarterly goals.

For the Marketo marketing team, it’s important to segment their audience correctly, so that they can take a targeted approach and get the right message to the right person at the right time.


True Influence delivered ContentLEADS to the Marketo marketing team as a direct drip into their marketing automation platform.

“What I really like about True Influence,” says Lizzy Funk, Marketo Senior Marketing Specialist, “is their seamless technology. I never have to worry about any kind of lead data coming in wrong. I never have to worry about the leads not coming in on time. They’re always on time and they are always the right leads that we’re looking for, in the right segment. ”


  • ​Over a period of three years, True Influence fed 24,572 quality business leads into Marketo’s database.
  • T​rue Influence continues to provide ContentLEADS to ​Marketo with a 100% delivery rate, month after month.
  • The sales team can access their ContentLEADS easily and quickly act on them, knowing that each of those targets has an interest in their product. ​

“It’s always been great working with True Influence,” says Funk. “The size of their database is massive, which is good for us because we’ll never exhaust it. The cost is just right where we need it to be. The ROI has shown to be very good for us as well.”

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