A faster way to identify and prioritize accounts results in higher deal sizes


Salary.com needed an all-in-one solution to replace its lengthy, manual process of identifying new sales opportunities while prioritizing sales activities and prospects.


Using InsightBASE, and working closely with the True Influence success team,  Salary.com choose specific filters and topics to monitor and identify new companies with increased intent levels related to their target topics. They identified this activity as a signal that a prospect was entering the buying cycle.


  • InsightBASE-sourced accounts generated a 46 percent higher average opportunity value
  • A 159% increase in average selling price
  • Significant time savings – a manual five-day account research process was reduced to one hour

“I love working with them as a partner because they bring so much to the table,” says Sarah Reynolds,  Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Salary.com. “They always have new ideas of how I can better use their products. It’s really been a great strategic partnership for us.”

“We continue to use InsightBASE now to do more prioritization, but also to feed nurtures, to figure out what folks are searching for in the market, to keep a pulse on our target market to figure out what they care about.”

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