Supporting the Needs of a Growing Sales Team


Take one look at Uberflip’s website and you’ll instantly see that its no ordinary company. Its cloud-based platform empowers companies like Microsoft and to effectively market Uberflip’s content, and their company page lists values such as “Create great experiences” and “Be valuable, relevant, and consistent.”

So it’s no surprise that, when Uberflip sought out a source for quality leads to support a rapidly growing sales team, it needed a partner that shared its commitment to quality. That’s why they chose True Influence and our ContentLEADS service.


In June 2016 Uberflip began using ContentLEADS to support its growing sales team’s ABM efforts with a steady stream of quality leads. Uberflip’s demand gen team feeds the leads into nurturing campaigns before passing qualified targets over to the sales team.


  • The Uberflip marketing team is able to access ContentLEADS easily and quickly act on them, knowing that each of those targets has an interest in their product.
  • True Influence’s response time and prompt lead delivery helps Uberflip get their campaigns running as quickly as possible — which is especially helpful when they have new content assets to promote.
  • The marketing team can easily adjust campaign parameters on the fly while keeping their cost-per-lead investment competitive.

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