CIO Applications: Top10 Martech Solution Provider 2020

CIO Applications: Top10 Martech Solution Provider 2020

Each buyer is unique, as is their thought process. Yet, the buyer’s journey mostly follows the same track. And even as successful/modern marketers strive to reach out to their target audience, the lead conversion process is complex and needs out-of-the-box thinking. The B2B buying process, in most cases, is not randomized or instinctual. Today’s buyer, armed with a wealth of information, spends a great deal of time researching potential solutions in the market that align with their requirements before finalizing their purchase decision. And when they land on a product page, where the product on offer solves their problem, the marketer is sure of converting to a potential lead. Unfortunately, sometimes the prospective customers have made up their minds alreadyand have selected another vendor. Now they are only looking for extra information to justify their decision.

Where does this leave the marketers?
In sum, it is pertinent to engage with buyers further upstream, right at the buyer’s awareness stage. “Marketers have to engage with their prospective customers when they are searching for information,” points out Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “It is not about selling, but the ability to get them to buy by informing, engaging, and educating them and nurturing the lead with powerful content.” The content could be an email, a white paper, a book, or pages on their website, delivered at the right time, which nudges prospects a little closer at every step of the buyer’s journey and returns the best conversion rates.

This raises the obvious question: How do B2B marketers identify the buyers or buying groups bent on research, reinforce their buying intent with tailored content, and tip the scales in their favor. True Influence has developed a way for marketers and salespersons to reach out and influence prospective buyers.

As proponents of intent-driven demand generation, True Influence brings to the table its True Influence ABM Marketing CloudTM platform, an integrated suite of solutions available as web-based services that embodies everything that sales and marketing teams need to execute account-based marketing programs at scale—in one place.

We have developed a way for marketers and salespersons to reach out and influence prospective buyers

Find the Next Customer
“Intent data,” the current buzzword of marketing, is the core building block for all the solutions in the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud. The company has built a feature set in its solution whereby they can see the companies researching on the internet, their location, the people, the information they are searching, and score their level of interest. “We have the intent data where we can see what millions of companies are doing against close to 6,700 topics,” explains Giese.

The information about the buying groups gives marketers, and specifically salespersons, the advantage of knowing the right time to engage with the buyer. True Influence’s data is factual information and tells companies what has happened today or in the past to predict what is about to happen. “It is unique, and we are seeing the market reciprocate with higher revenue,” remarks Giese.

The decade-long story of True Influence unfolded in 2008. In early 2016, True Influence launched InsightBase®, their subscription-based data-as- a-service platform, which empowers marketers to plan and execute analytics campaigns that helps them to see the prospects in the market ahead of them reaching out. InsightBase generates highly qualified leads and delivers it to marketing and sales automation platforms. Subsequently, these accurate leads are injected into a campaign enabling marketers and the salespersons to engage with the prospects early on during their research process.

In an implementation highlight, Imprivata, a healthcare IT security company, has been using True Influence since 2015 and InsightBase since 2017. “Our ROI with True Influence has been excellent. When we pooled our numbers recently, we found we had 343 opportunities, which could be attributed to a True Influence campaign and we were getting about 4 dollars and 30 cents back on every dollar we spend with True Influence,” says Naomi Marr, director of global marketing operations at Imprivata.

Our data is factual information and tells companies what has happened today or in the past, so that they can predict what is about to happen

Plan, Execute, And Measure
Even as the company has been using intent data since 2011, it has come of age in the last two years as per Giese. Last year True Influence added IntentBase® intent data feed to their solution portfolio, allowing marketers to view the products, services, or topics that companies are interested in. It is a robust set of meaningful data that allows them to filter the right audience at the right time. Giese compares IntentBase with a water filtering system that makes the water good. This filtered information can be injected into marketing automation platforms, and the company provides REST APIs and integrations into HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, or Salesforce. “Without the filtering system, marketers only end up spamming people, or putting banner ads that target the wrong audience.”

“IntentBase allows them to protect their brand and be able to respectfully engage with the right people at the right time,” explains Giese. At the beginning of 2019, sensing the market needs to merge AdTech with MarTech, True Influence comingled DisplayBase® for programmatic advertising, and their content lead syndication product, PersonaBase®, a MarTech product, into one system. It is unique because, most often, marketers do not prefer to use programmatic display because even as it generates interest, they are unable to pinpoint the people. “We were able to see who they are with our system and pass that lead over on a cost per lead basis,” says Giese.

Among the platform’s slew of benefits, Giese draws attention to a few that make marketers more efficient. One of the most prominent challenges marketers face is that they have many failure points because they use multiple channels like chat, email, or programmatic display. In the instance of a company running multiple channels simultaneously, it would be advantageous to marketers if they can comingle these channels and have reports on the relative performance—at the same place. The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud gives them the ability to simultaneously and seamlessly report on all those different channels from one place. The intuitive dashboarding system gives them a better view/understanding of how these channels are effectively interrelated and why they should keep feeding or pull back. They can track multiple simultaneous channels in campaigns and feed that information into the platforms currently in use, such as Marketo, Eloqua, or Salesfor In a nutshell, the company’s solution suite empowers marketing and sales personnel with everything they need to plan, execute, and measure the results of a campaign in one location, and effectively improve their ROI and delivery.

Making the Right Impact
Over the last six years, True Influence, catering to a customer base spanning fast-growth SMBs to well-established blue-chip brands, has been on a growth spree with profitability soaring every year in a row. The self-funded company has close to 250 employees working in a virtual model, which helped them ramp-up their operations even during the pandemic. In March, as the pandemic raged, profoundly impacting work and lives globally, True Influence pledged to its employees that there would not be any layoffs. The reassurance struck a chord with the employees and reflected in an uptick in productivity.

“For us the COVID-19 is a rapid ascension of growth,” remarks Giese.

The company envisions building media channels like webinars, blogging, videocasts, or chatting in addition to the existing channels in the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud and selling it to customers. While the direct mail feature was in place right from 2008, Giese takes pride in the fact that they were the first to measure webinars. They can launch a webinar campaign and measure the person’s interest by tracking whether they have downloaded a webinar to view it, as well as how long they have attended it. “These metrics are important to value creation as it informs whether the person is really engaged in that content,” explains Giese.

Currently, the True Influence Marketing Cloud platform has three core offerings in the biggest areas that concern marketers–email, programmatic display, and data. The future product plan includes ramping on the social media front and expanding on content to launch effective campaigns.

“Imagine a marketer or a salesperson being able to go into a single view and look at everything they have done by channel and determine what they need to do with it,” states Giese. “Imagine sales being able to pull off the most important leads immediately out of the platform.”

True Influence has everything in its arsenal to help companies find the next customer!

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