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Intent Data and Insights

No matter what your business sells, having intent signals about your customers and prospects can be the driving force behind more relevant, timely communications. You’ll also make better investments by focusing budget and efforts on real, in-market buyers. Without contact-level intent data, it’s difficult to know what an active buyer (or, more likely buying group) is researching. Intent data provides deeper intelligence about your audiences and segments that you wouldn’t know otherwise. You can focus intent monitoring on specific personas to identify buying group members, watch their behaviors and target them strategically… Read More


Programmatic Advertising

There are new challenges on a daily basis—you may need to adjust your budget or you may want to reach a new audience based on new surges of interest. We want to help you make sure you are focusing your spend based on account intent. With the help of big data, you can identify what resonates with each person and target them specifically on the sites that they most frequent at the time they are most likely to engage. Your B2B programmable display advertising becomes powerful when it is backed up by intent signals generated by ABI (account-based intelligence) using near real-time analytics… Read More


Content Syndication

If you’ve found certain topics now resonate with your personas, content syndication helps put it in front of others with similar interests. What topics are your current customers researching to help their businesses cope? Others may need the same kind of content. Not only will this strategy let you reach potential prospects who may never have been introduced to your products or services; you’ll also reap the rewards of reaching a much broader audience in a considerably shorter period of time… Read More



B2B marketers must be more careful than ever with tighter budgets, busier staff and distracted customers. How do you avoid settling for poor-quality contacts, or blowing through your annual budget to tackle a short-term gap in your pipeline? We will work with your team to develop custom questions and identify purchase triggers. So as your market may have changed under the current disruptions, we remain sensitive to the right tone and conversation. It’s a more personal way to do business in these unfamiliar times… Read More