Content Syndication


PersonaBase, our content syndication solution helps you:

  • Target with precision – show an ad to a specific customer in a specific context in real-time
  • Stay within budget – you set the maximum displays
  • Respond to market conditions with flexibility based upon behavioral intent signals

How have your customers’ interests changed in our current environment?

If you’ve found certain topics now resonate with your personas, content syndication helps put it in front of others with similar interests. What topics are your current customers researching to help their businesses cope? Others may need the same kind of content. Not only will this strategy let you reach potential prospects who may never have been introduced to your products or services; you’ll also reap the rewards of reaching a much broader audience in a considerably shorter period of time.

The most effective Content Syndication programs are extensions of in-house content marketing programs that have already proven to be winners with your top customer personas, this is essential — the broader you go with campaign targeting, while sticking with your core audience parameters, the greater the opportunities you’ll find with Content Syndication. If you’re reaching out about something they’re already researching, it’s more relevant than a cold approach.