Our success is predicated
on the success of
our customers.

Customer Success Program

True Influence builds a comprehensive customer success program based on your specific requirements. To help you reach your demand generation pipeline targets and revenue goals, we must completely understand what concerns keep you up at night, what your pain points are, and especially, how do you define success.

This is Job One… nothing is more important. This philosophy is built upon our heritage as a global leader in demand generation, intent data and a stalwart commitment to achieving significant customer success, as defined by you, our customer.


Introducing the True Influence Customer Success Program

True Influence is committed to a global customer service experience that provides the quality and quantity of demand generation that our customers require. We reach the right prospects based upon your personas and locations, with the right message, at the right time. This allows us to offer a 100 percent guarantee on our demand generation services.

Our exclusive TripleCheck® lead validation process uses computer algorithms, human tele-verification and social media to confirm that lead information is current and accurate. Our systematic approach for gathering and reviewing customer feedback permits us to see shifts in the perception of our service and act on that feedback as customer expectations change.

Select the Customer Service Program That’s Right for You

True Influence has carefully crafted three customer service program levels based upon the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to our standard program, we’ve added a Premier and Priority Service Level program for customers that require a more intense customer service experience. 

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1-DAY Response Time

Take advantage of resources available to every True Influence customer

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1-HOUR Response Time

Take advantage of resources available to every True Influence customer – plus

  • 20/5 Telephone & Online Support
  • Reporting
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
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ON-SITE Response

Take advantage of resources available to every True Influence customer – plus

  • 20/5 Telephone & Online Support
  • Reporting
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Best Practices Guidance

Our Premier and Priority Programs include…

Priority customers have a dedicated account manager who will identify specific customer needs and requirements along with executive summaries and quarterly business reviews.

  • the best possible marketing mix
  • best performing asset practices
  • content creation/recreation
  • ABM processes
  • best time and delivery guidelines
  • marketing automation system or CRM integration

Because all demand generation is not created equal, True Influence customers receive guidance about best practices on how to maximize your TripleChecked contact records.  We show you how to nurture contacts and when to insert them into your sales funnels.

The Power of Intent at Your Fingertips

InsightBase Version 4.2’s powerful tools let your team design and execute campaigns in just minutes. And our built-in integrations with industry-leading marketing platforms can extend the power of intent across all your marketing and sales programs.

Real-world reporting you can really use.

Executive Summaries identify missed opportunities, most penetrated verticals, missed domains, and performance. 

How wide is your reach?
Top Spiking Campaigns

Adding the power of 

If InsightBase® is part of the campaign, all spiking keywords are contrasted by audience and available audience.  Lastly, a campaigns top spiking companies are identified.

We closely monitor your progress

Strategic customer guidance positions True Influence as a knowledge leader in the space creating trusted customer relationship focused on their growth

Campaign Recommendations
Custom question feedback

Customer Service that connects

We are in constant contact filling your funnel with workable demand generation. Your team constantly monitors your progress.

A Potent Combination of Technology and Innovation Sets us Apart

A key point of differentiation that True Influence offers is not only our soup-to-nuts customer service approach, but our skill and expertise in how we use innovation and technology.

The customer success and service teams participate in weekly roundtables identifying win processes used, challenges and solutions, and customer best practices.  This allows all customers to receive our best practice implementations.

The customer success and service teams use technology that allows each team member to make and receive mobile calls from customers and monitor their twitter streams.  Calls can be transferred to a colleague and can be converted to tickets using mobile phones.  Each team member is notified via their mobile phone when new tickets and responses are created, or a ticket status is updated.

True Influence complies with GDPR and has addressed the legal issues around customer data.

Don’t Take Our Word for it

All customer success and service personnel have metrics based upon productivity, customer satisfaction, and improving customer relationships. The 2018 True Influence survey indicated that 90 percent of our customers are very likely or likely to recommend True Influence to a colleague.

How likely are you to recommend True Influence to a colleague?

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