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CEB relies on True Influence for highly converting leads.

IBM fulfills digital lead generation campaigns with True Influence

Time Warner takes lead conversion to the next level



CEB marketing relies on True Influence to create digital Sales Qualified Leads.
The conversion measurement success was immediate and continued trending up to 60% — well beyond expectations — a great return on investment.


IBM began working with True Influence in 2013. True Influence has delivered proven results resulting in six-figure conversions for IBM. True Influence is an IBM “preferred tier one partner” with a contract through 2016 and beyond.


Time Warner Marketing engaged the True Influence Managed Services team, which resulted in a 30% lead-to-opportunity conversion increase, placing True Influence as the top-performing provider across all vendors for Time Warner.

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“I love working with True Influence as a partner because they bring so much to the table and they always have new ideas.”


“The sales team has wonderful relationships…a lot of companies don’t have that.”

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