Data Solutions

The most important thing in B2B sales and marketing is accurate data. True Influence® delivers the companies and contact records you need to reach, engage, and activate the full buying journey. At True Influence®, data quality isn’t just an idea — it’s an obsession.

B2B Data Coverage

Firmographic Data – Reach your ideal companies

As B2B data providers, we focus on delivering reliable data about companies with meaningful purchasing power. The above chart shows the types of data we provide today – firmographic, demographic, technographic, and Intent. As markets mature and reliable data becomes available, we expand our data pool so you can extend your reach with confidence.  DUNS numbers are included with the data for ease of matching and targeting.

Demographic Data – Engage the targets you need

We help you reach B2B decision makers along with the respective buying group. We ensure the contact records are accurate and reachable by phone and email. No personal email addresses and phone numbers are available.

Technographic Data – Identify competitive technology

Technographic data enables you to get a complete picture of the technology footprint for your key accounts, prospects, and customers including an organization’s hardware and software stack.

Intent Data – Activate individuals and accounts that are in-market

Intent data provides Intelligence that’s essential to any B2B demand generation solution. Intent data is an essential tool for creating a 360-degree view of the customer journey for sales and marketing.


Our contact records are real, employed, and reachable. TripleCheck® verifies all B2B contact records for accuracy – email, telephone and social media confirms the company affiliation.

TripleCheck® verifies B2B contact records, for complete and up-to-date information. Each contact record is 100 percent guaranteed.  No questions asked.

TripleCheck Verification 100% Guaranteed

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