Manage and optimize your display programs


Unified Cross-Channel B2B Media Management

Getting the most from your digital advertising budget requires insightful planning, constant performance monitoring and rapid optimization of all your display channels and media.

But the data and tools you need are scattered across multiple platforms, and manually analyzing and adjusting your display programs is tedious and time-consuming. You overspend on low-performing channels and risk missing out on opportunities to connect with engaged B2B buyers at key points in their purchase journey – or even worse, alienate them by retargeting them with ads that lag behind their pace in the customer journey.

You need a single point of entry to manage and optimize your display programs. You need constant, integrated performance and ROI analysis across all digital channels. You need the most advanced audience targeting and multitouch attribution features to understand exactly how your ad spend impacts prospects throughout the purchase journey. And you need a team of experienced professionals to help develop and execute your plan.

As part of the True Influence Marketing Cloud, DisplayBase® combines True Influence’s B2B marketing expertise and dedication to customer value with advanced targeting, retargeting and optimization technologies to create a comprehensive digital media advertising solution.

We are with you every step of the way, from strategic campaign design, to detailed reporting, to daily spend allocation and management.

The result: Your display campaigns have greater impact, with less wasted budget, and you win more business.

Introducing DisplayBase

With DisplayBase, you can

Model user behavior throughout the purchase journey and design powerful longtail campaigns.

Let’s face it – constantly evaluating how much money to put into video pre-roll versus retargeting or native is a hassle. Your team’s time is better spent on market research, content creation and strategic planning. We understand your goals and help you realize them. We adjust and optimize your campaigns to target the right audience, in the right channels, at the right time.

Save time and frustration: Spend less time tweaking display programs and more time connecting with customers.

Know exactly where you stand: We standardize reporting across all channels and deliver weekly.

Quickly respond to opportunities: Compile and analyze data, in one place, giving your team clear visibility.

Create integrated digital media programs at scale.

  • Plan, manage and optimize media buys across the entire digital media landscape with one source – no more shuffling between multiple platforms and vendors.
  • React to shifts in audience response within days, not weeks. Don’t lag behind your best opportunities.
  • Brand safety & fraud protection guaranteed — advanced platform features ensure performance data quality.
  • Cross-platform micro targeting: Look-alike, contextual and geo-fencing targeting puts your ads in front of precisely the right audience, at the right time.

Powerful omni channel optimization, all in one place

Engaged Sessions: A five-second site-side timer following every click identifies users who are genuinely engaged with your message. This significantly reduces fraud and lets us optimize campaigns for qualified traffic.

Brand Safety: We verify the credibility of all display inventory sources, ensuring your brand is always presented in the best possible light.

Behavioral, Lookalike, and Demographic Targeting: Identify and reach audiences that meet the ideal customer profile for your product or service.

Geo-fencing: Target accounts locations and even mobile viewers at key trade shows or events.

Manage All Leading Platforms and Media:

  • Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps
  • Video Pre-roll, Native, including preferred logo
  • LinkedIn, Promoted Post and Spotlight Ad
  • Facebook, Newsfeed and Carousel

See what DisplayBase® can do for you.