Edgewave Selects True Influence ContentLEADS™ to Accelerate Sales – OA Online

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Edgewave Selects True Influence ContentLEADS™ to Accelerate Sales – OA Online

OA Online features True Influence and the EdgeWave customer case study.

PRINCETON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct 23, 2018–True Influence, the technology leader of intent-based marketing and lead generation solutions, announced today that cybersecurity company EdgeWave, is using True Influence’s ContentLEADS™ program to accelerate its sales and marketing efforts as it focuses on growing the company and increasing profitability.

Working with True Influence, Edgewave is building out its sales team and establishing best practices for bringing its cybersecurity solutions to market. The company needed to ramp up sales quickly and efficiently by increasing the scale of its lead generation. It evaluated several solutions and ultimately chose True Influence for its program management efficiency, fast turnaround when putting content into play, and the value of targeted leads.

As a result, Edgewave has dramatically improved its lead gen efforts and increased the number of inbound inquiries received by 300 percent. Using an extensive content syndication network targeted at qualified decision-makers, Edgewave’s sales team now has many more, and more qualified, leads to nurture through the sales pipeline and convert into purchase deals.

“ContentLEADS helped take the content that we created and connect it with millions of possible prospects,” said Tom Beck, VP of marketing at EdgeWave. “We immediately saw a surge of qualified, inbound leads for our sales team to nurture through the pipeline and convert to revenue. We consider True Influence to be a partner who plays a key role in driving our sales and profitability as we expand our footprint and establish market leadership in the cybersecurity industry.”

The ContentLEADS program was developed to establish the constant flow of targeted leads necessary to increase revenue. It promptly delivers leads that have been pre-qualified so they match the ideal target audience, and provides a rapid scale of inquiries into the sales system and seamlessly loads the opportunity pipeline.

Beck added, “We are especially impressed with the lead quality and how responsive True Influence was. Working with True Influence has set the bar high for working with content syndication partners and lead generation partners in terms of professionalism, responsiveness and quality of leads.”

“Getting strategic content in front of B2B decision-makers who are actively in-market and researching their next purchase is a common challenge,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “Competition is fierce and even the best in-house email lists and web channels generally represent only a fraction of the total audience that a business can reach. We are proud that EdgeWave is using ContentLEADS to overcome this challenge as it expands its sales program, increases revenue and achieves long term growth.”

True Influence’s ContentLEADS program couples the extensive reach of the company’s content syndication network with the power of intent to find exactly the right audience for content, at exactly the right time. The InsightBASE® intent monitoring solution identifies accounts that are actively researching a specific product. True Influence delivers co-branded email campaigns that promote a company’s whitepaper, webinar or other valuable content to contacts who are eager to learn more. The result is a steady flow of top-quality leads to drive every aspect of marketing and sales strategies.

For more information on how EdgeWave is using ContentLEADS, please view this video.

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