I want to expand
my account base

Finding new target accounts can take hours of online research, tedious networking, and calling around asking for referrals.

To effectively expand your account base, you need reliable answers to these questions:

  • “How do I find organizations that need our products?”
  • “How do I engage with those targets in a way that resonates with them?”
  • “How do I know which ones are ready to buy?”

True Influence leverages intent signal marketing to provide answers to all these questions and more.

account dashboard
account dashboard

There are at least 4 ways InsightBASE® can help you find new targets and expand your account base.


Find out what your target audience is researching online


Discover accounts that are actively searching for your products or services


Identify accounts that are ready to buy based on spikes in certain behaviors


Use the insights gained from True Influence Intent Signals™ to guide your sales conversations


“We are finding the right people at the right companies who are interested in our solutions”


Christine Simonini, Director: Enterprise & Vertical Demand Generation, DocuSign


Case Study

Expanding Their Account Base



Marketo needed help tracking new leads coming into its database and making sure the data was correct. Timing was also an issue, as the marketing team needs leads to be delivered on time to help them hit quarterly goals.


True Influence delivered ContentLEADS to the Marketo marketing team as a direct feed into their marketing automation platform.


  • ​Over a period of three years, True Influence fed 24,572 quality business leads into Marketo’s database.
  • T​rue Influence provides ContentLEADS to ​Marketo with a 100% delivery rate, month after month.
  • The sales team can access ContentLEADS easily and quickly act on them, knowing that each of those targets has an interest in their product. ​