InsightBASE® Platform FAQ

Where do you get your data?

True Influence is a data compiler who collects intent (behavioral), contact (business card), and technology (installation) data. We get our data from thousands of B2B media publishers and B2B websites, across which we monitor over 60 billion behavioral insights and associate those with over 1 million company domains. We also compile contact data from dozens of the world’s premier B2B data suppliers and curate its accuracy.

How do I use the data?

The InsightBASE platform automatically monitors and organizes behaviors across all of our sources and mines it for spikes in product-specific interest for B2B sales and marketing teams. Now you can identify the companies and contacts that are actively interested in your product or topic!

InsightBASE impact may be measured in at least four ways:

  1. Optimizing new or existing content. Only send relevant content that your target market is interested in. Whether it’s email opens and clicks, marketing asset downloads, site personalization, inside sales conversion, or display advertising results, the use of InsightBASE data is measured based on uplift in response.
  2. Prioritizing accounts. Only spend time and effort on those accounts that are inmarket for your products and services. A second measurement is the number of Sales Opportunities created by InsightBASE-driven campaigns. InsightBASE informs you which companies are showing more interest in your product category than is typical, enabling you to target these companies with more sales-oriented outreach than you otherwise would have. This in turn spawns Sales opportunities, which can be measured.
  3. A third measurement is through the deep business intelligence reporting that InsightBASE brings. Using this intelligence can actively fuel new product development, content consumption strategies or persona marketing efforts to name a few.
  4. A fourth measurement are market qualified accounts sourced via InsightBASE. Continuing to replenish your marketing funnel is a challenge and getting to those 2 accounts that are about to begin a purchase cycle is difficult to gauge. InsightBASE allows organizations to look at net-new account to see which are truly in market and require marketing or sales follow-up.
What kind of Intent Signals do you monitor?

We get our signals from many sources including web pages visited, search, impressions, email, and webcast registrations, and process these to make it easier for our customers to find out who the contacts in the companies are, what their interests are, what their needs are, and how they want to engage. Signal data is also derived from the content your prospects consume such as blogs and online publications read, videos watched, and the like.


How do I measure success?

Measure InsightBASE® impact in at least three ways:

  • The first is lift in engagement. Whether it’s email opens and clicks, marketing asset downloads, site personalization, inside sales conversion, or display advertising results, the use of InsightBASE® data is measured based on uplift in response.
  • A second measurement is the number of Sales Opportunities created by InsightBASE® -driven campaigns. You are informed which companies are showing more interest in your product category than is typical, enabling you to target these companies with more sales-oriented outreach than you otherwise would have. This in turn spawns Sales opportunities, which can be measured.
  • A third measurement is through the deep business intelligence reporting that InsightBASE® brings. Using this intelligence can actively fuel new product development, content consumption strategies or persona marketing efforts to name a few.


Can I upload data into InsightBASE?

Yes, a user can upload a CSV file of domains to be used in the build out of an intent campaign in InsightBASE. An uploaded list can be used to prioritize a named account list or as a suppression list to source net new accounts.

What kind of data makes up InsightBASE?

Intent signals, technology installs, and contacts are the three components that make up the database that fuels InsightBASE. We compile this data from our 3 rd party suppliers, verify the data and act as the intersection point between these three types of databases to produce correlated, consumable data to fuel digital marketing, (ABM, display ad, marketing automation, analytics).

Are these the actual contacts that generated the signals?

We work with anonymous data. We know the location of where the signal has come from based on the city, state, and domain. Since we know the location of the signal, the spike level, as well as the keyword or words around the web behavior we can infer that a contact at the same location the signal(s) were generated from a known contact at that location with the appropriate job level and function would be a good place for you engage

How do I know what keywords are trending across industries?

The Keywords Insights report allows a user to view in specific industries which keywords or keyword topics are spiking. This allows you to determine a fact based strategy of how to tag your content, (white papers, blogs, videos, etc.) to generate a higher lift engagement from emails sent via a marketing automation platform, or content iwthin programmatic display.

Is my only option to download CSV files for Domains and Contacts?

No! We also have API integrations with Eloqua, Marketo, and a REST API to access domains and contacts.

What if InsightBASE doesn’t have an API connector to vendor I want to push data to?

We have a custom API that is an Open REST API. If there is a vendor you wish to push data to in real-time we can use that API token to authenticate and test the mappings of where you would like the data to flow into.

Is there a report that shows what type of web interaction(s),(emails open, web cast registrations, etc.) added to the change in activity around the keywords?

We do not have any reports that show the specific web interactions that contributed to the change in activity level. We only compile the keyword, domain, location and measure that against the six month baseline for trend analysis.

Can you explain your keyword dictionary?

For every signal we monitor, we’re listening for 3,500 granular B2B topics. We will assign up to 10 of the 3,500 topics to every signal, and then we rank the relevance of each topic to each signal. So, for example, we might monitor a user reading a given whitepaper, and decide that the paper is mostly about Data Security, but also tangentially related to Cloud Computing, Risk Management, and Firewall Management. We call this organizational algorithm the “Relevance Engine”. With this ability we can match a company to contacts who are more likely interested in this these topics allowing to better target email or display ads. InsightBASE also infers a close connection to a person browsing a topic on the Internet, the company they work for, and where they are located. It can give sales and marketing a digital footprint of t

What if InsightBASE doesn’t have the topic in the keyword dictionary my organization uses to tag our content?

We are always looking to grow our keyword dictionary and one of those was is by customer input. If there is a keyword that is not listed in our keyword dictionary please submit a request to us and we will add that keyword in on your behalf.

How often are you updating the Intent Signals in InsightBASE?

We are compiling up to 260M new intent signals each day. We match these intent signals to the company domain and release the updated daily match on a weekly basis.

How often do you update the contacts in InsightBASE?

The contacts are updated on a quarterly basis. We run them through a data validation process. As an extra step to provide our users with the highest level of cleansed contacts upon a user submitting a contact export request we will take the contact export list run it through our data validation process and return to the InsightBASE user that requested the contacts within 5 business days.

Can InsightBASE send emails?

InsightBASE is an activation platform, not an execution engine. InsightBASE is a foundational piece to a marketing technology stack. We compile the intent data on a daily basis and match up to the company domain and location information. With the data insights you glean from the campaigns built out in InsightBASE you now have a targeted approach to inform your marketing technology stack. We are seen as a compliment to many solutions, such as, a marketing automation platform, CRM, or predictive analytics.

How can InsightBASE help with lead scoring?

InsightBASE can be used to score at an account level. You can use the Intensity Ranking column in the Domain Export to inform an increased score inside your MAP. Our raw data is anonymized before we get the file. It would be inaccurate to apply this score to the individual contact/lead level.

What is the difference between InsightBASE and Predictive Analytics? Don’t you both use intent data?

Some of the key differentiators of InsightBASE are:

  1. We use regression analysis to determine the increase in activity at a domain location against topics.
  2. InsightBASE is ingesting web behavior from thousands of B2B media and publisher sites, not looking within a closed system or just what is going on within your site. InsightBASE is looking at what companies are doing at the top of the funnel.
  3. InsightBASE falls into the category of intent monitoring. We are compiling user based web interactions to determine what the interest is in an organization. Just the facts.
  4. InsightBASE could be used as a compliment to a predictive solution. Upon the predictive analytics tool scoring your accounts you could upload the list into InsightBASE to prioritize which of the those scored accounts are in-market now.
Is InsightBASE PII/PCI compliant?

InsightBASE uses anonymous data. We are only using location based information to determine where the intent signals are generated we do not collect sensitive information. The contacts in our database are contacts of the locations of the domains we are monitoring for signals. We work with anonymous data and infer based off of the location of the signals and your definition of what your ideal contact looks like based off of job title and function they would be a good place to start your marketing engagement.

What type of data security does InsightBASE offer?

InsightBASE the AWS data center. The data is secured through AWS protocols. We can provide you with a link to the AWS privacy page

What does the workflow of data look like in InsightBASE?

We source data from multiple behavioral providers and contact data providers in a raw file format. The behavioral data is computed based on keyword activity level spike at company locations. The contact data is normalized, de-duped and validated. From there the behavioral data and contact data is put into a structured environment, Amazon Redshift where we correlate all the data for consumption of our end users.

Who are your data providers?

We work with multiple data providers to provide a best of breed solution that overlays several sources of technology, contact, and behavioral information. We have a partnership with Bombora and recently had a press release formalizing what our partnership entails. We are under contract with our other data providers to not disclose who they are. If you are familiar with the data space it is the usual players your come across.

Do I own the data?

InsightBASE is a subscription model and we lease the data to our users. With your subscription model you have full access to company, contact, and technology information to use with your digital marketing stack.

With what types of solutions can I use InsightBASE data?

InsightBASE is vendor neutral in the digital marketing and data space. We want you to have the choice to pick best of breed solutions that work best for your organization. InsightBASE can work with any solution that can ingest a CSV file, (predictive analytics, programmatic, data warehousing, marketing automation platforms, CRM). As your digital marketing landscape continues to evolve InsightBASE can serve as a foundation piece that makes your stack work better faster.

What’s difference between an Alert and a contact export?

An Alert contains up to 20 accounts that are spikingover the past seven days and up to three contacts per location. An Alert is meant to provide a focus for an inside sales team or marketers on who they should focus their efforts on for that week. It does not show the entire universe of accounts that are spiking, the contact export list provides all the additional details

How do I submit feature requests or an idea to improve InsightBASE?

We are always looking to improve InsightBASE and one of our best resources are our customers and prospects. You can tell your customer success manager, sales rep. or customer success center and we will enter your request into our development que for future product releases

What is the InsightBASE Relevance Engine?


True Influence’s InsightBASE is a database that compiles and curates the industry’s largest set of Intent Signal data. This data originates from a variety of sources, each of which uses a unique compilation methodology. Specifically, InsightBASE compiles feeds that capture the buying intent and interests of anonymous users browsing the web and their associated IP addresses. These signals consist primarily of the keywords associated with particular web pages being browsed but also include additional behavioral data points such as the opening of B2B emails and downloading whitepapers (and other marketing assets).

True Influence compiles this disparate data and curates it to map signals to originating companies and to a hierarchically structured set of B2B categories and topics. Cumulatively, these intent signals provide insights into the products and services in which the monitored companies are showing increased levels of interest. This data set is most commonly used by B2B marketers for targeting and prospecting purposes.

While InsightBASE allows its users to access and analyze this data however they wish through a wide range of built-in reports and a data export capability, it also assists marketers to identify companies showing particularly clear indications of increased interest through a proprietary Relevance Engine.

This Relevance Engine has been designed specifically for use with intent signals at a company level by identifying meaningful spikes in interest in a given keyword or product category, supporting both account-based marketing and marketing automation outreach campaigns, among other uses.

The methodology used to identify spikes in interest is as follows:

  1. Our Intent Signals data repository serves as the baseline for all trend analysis – this repository contains over 60 billion intent signals and the number of signals increases by over 2 billion each month at the time of this writing. Also, InsightBASE and the Relevance Engine monitor individual company branches (such as a Microsoft office in San Mateo vs. a Microsoft office in San Francisco) as well as each company as a whole (all of Microsoft). This is done using a combination of corporate domains (website URLs) and ZIP codes.
  2. The Relevance Engine identifies recent spikes in interest and allows the user to define “recent” as the most recent 7, 30, and/or 90 day period.
  3. The Relevance Engine calculates mathematical deviations for these 7/30/90 day periods and evaluates the slope of the regression line of each to assess whether the values are increasing or decreasing for each period.
  4. Next, the Relevance Engine ranks each domain-ZIP combinations for which there has been any signal activity over the most recent 7/30/90 days. This is done using the regression slopes.
  5. The Relevance Engine then assigns points to each intensity level and the levels are identified to users as follows:
  • Intensity Rank 10 = Steep Increase
  • Intensity Rank 9 = Moderate Increase
  • Intensity Rank 8 = Low Increase
  • Intensity Rank 7= Minimal to no increase
  • Intensity Rank 6 = Low decrease
  • Intensity Rank 5 = Moderate Decrease
  • Intensity Rank 4-1 = Steep Decrease

For end-user analysis purposes, InsightBASE reporting also provides the total number of signals for the topic, domain, ZIP & city combination for 7/30/90 days. This may be exported as an Excel spreadsheet, for example, for analysis and/or importing into other software packages.

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