Better Response Email

How can you get a better response to your email marketing?

Most marketers ask, “How can I get a better response to my email marketing?

First, determine who your best prospects are, then target your marketing efforts at companies who are similar. Seems simple but often overlooked. You can start by ranking your current customers by these three criteria:

  • How much revenue do they represent over time?
  • How profitable might each customer might be?
  • How well do their needs “fit” what you have to offer?
  • Second, look for similarities among the unique attributes of these top customers.

  • What industries are they in?
  • What is similar about how they use your products?
  • Are they large, medium or small?
  • Where are they located?
  • Who are the key decision-makers and what are their titles?
  • Then buy some outside lists (contact us for information about this) of companies and contacts that match and add them to your email campaign. Focus your marketing with these marketing strategies and you’ll improve the overall quality of your campaigns. And remember, test everything!

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