How Can You Get a Better Response?

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How Can You Get a Better Response?

I get asked, “How do I get my prospects to respond to my campaigns?”

This best way is to look at your best customers, and then target direct marketing efforts at companies with similar profiles.

At True Influence we rank current customers by three criteria:

  • How much revenue do they represent over time?
  • How profitable might each customer be?
  • How well do their needs “fit” what True Influence has to offer?
  • Then look for similarities among the unique attributes of these top customers. What industries are they in? What is similar about how they use your products? Are they large, medium or small? Where are they located? Who are the key decision-makers and what are their titles?

    Targeting is everything. There are few things worse than marketing to uninterested prospects. It’s really important to find fresh, filtered data from a reputable data provider to add to the direct campaign mix. There are a few really good data providers depending on your needs but for most cases Jigsaw is very good. They have a great model to keep B2B data fresh and relevant and our customers have very good results using their data especially for email campaigns.

    Focus your marketing with these basic direct marketing strategies and you’ll improve the overall quality of your campaigns. And remember, test everything.

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